Great design but poor performance

Jan 3, 2011
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Pros:the oil draining system works well.   Heats quickly, and holds its temperature well.

Cons:The thermostat is not working on them - they heat to 350 only.

The Bottom Line: It cannot do it's stated task, the temperature adustment is not accurate, and it never reaches it's maximum temperature.

I have purchased two of these now.  I like the design a lot, it's very clever.  But, neither of them get up to the stated temperture.    The dial goes up to 374 Degrees farenheit or 190 celsium, but after testing, the unit only reaches 350 degrees.  It does appear to have the power - warms up quickly, and reaches it's top temperture quickly, but the best it can reach before it shuts off is 350 degrees.  This is good for doing some things, but not so good for others.  I tested the first one, and contacted them, and was told that I should return it and get another one.  Same thing with the other one.  Darn, a really really clever design, but the thermostat is not adusted correctly.
The oil draining system into a reservoir underneath the the unit is very well thought out, and I was pleased with how it works.  But at the end of the day, a great design can't make up for the fact that this unit is unable to do it's stated purpose, deep fry.   I'm guessing a thermostat is to blame, and has been conservatively set, but that doesn't help me when I'm trying to do chicken wings.

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