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Jan 4, 2011
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I unfortunately received this item as a gift, and therefore could not return it.  Reviews on Amazon are awful for this item, ranging from poor fit, bad ergonomics, and even the slightest amount of sweat shorting it out.  My experience was even more limited: Using my Z6m Motorola phone, this phone will sync for 5 min before dropping the connection.  Using the same music files, standing in the same location, using the same phone, my Motorola S305 headphones have no problem syncing and holding a great signal to my phone.  Switch to a fully charged S9 HD and the connection is dropped in minutes, if not sooner.  I therefore can't rate much else, except their customer service.  I received multiple assurances from them that they would send me an RMA and an address to return this item.  Each time I asked again for the RMA and address, they would ignore my emails.  Not only is the S9 awful technically (and per Amazon, they got no better with the S10), but Motorola customer service is terrible as well.  No wonder the company is barely getting by on the Android phones alone.

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