16 Phrases to Help You Meet and Pickup HOT Mexican Women!

Dec 1, 2009

The Bottom Line Mexican women sure look HOT and SEXY. If you ever want them to be more than eye candy, better learn how to romance them. Here's 16 phrases to start with...

Welcome to Mexico!

It sure is a beautiful place, isn't it? Yep...sure is. And there sure are a lot of beautiful young women, aren't there? Yep...sure are.
Too bad you slept through Spanish classes back in high school, otherwise you might actually be able to flirt with them and who knows...maybe even take things a step further.

Now you and I both know perfectly well that romancing women is the very BEST reason in the world to learn a second language....and you absolutely WILL need to be able to say a whole lot more than "bwen-os dee-uhz" if you want to get past first base with the locals.

Scoring with beautiful Mexican women is defiinitely going to take some game...but have no fear, mis amigos, because your old friend Mrkstvns is here with a few coaching tips to help move your game up a league. First, let's have a bit of fun by talking about funny pickup lines that would be sure to fail if you actually tried to use them.

Phrases That Will Get You Thrown Out of the Game....
Most of the pickup lines that American guys use on too-drunk young American women won't work on Mexican women no matter how much alcohol is involved. The absolute surest way to guarantee you'll be laughed AT and not laughed WITH are to practice pickup lines that you generated by using Google Translate or any other translation web site. Not only are the translations badly inaccurate to begin with, but the source is garbage too so you basically start off with two strikes against you. Add to that the strike of not being able to follow up with an intelligent conversation, and you just got thrown OUT!

Of course there is always the chance that you'll meet some lovely young chica who is either more adventurous (or stupider) than most, so if you have some game and think the "funny pickup line" play might work for you, here are some decent translations of popular sophomoric pickup lines:

. So many dangerous curves and me without brakes:
Tantas curvas peligrosas, y yo sin frenos.

. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by you again?
Crees en amor a primera vista, o debo pasarte otra vez?

. My underwear is edible:
Mi ropa interior es comestible.

. You look like a candy. The wrapper is cute, but it's what's inside that's really tasty.
Pareces un Bombon. Es muy bonita la envoltura pero lo rico es lo que esta adentro.

. Walk in the shade because candies melt in the sun.
Camina por la sombre porque las bombones se derriten al sol.

. Screw me if I'm wrong, but you want to sleep with me don't you?
Que me jodan si mi equivoco, tu quieres acostarte conmigo, verdad?

. That's a nice dress! It sure would look good on my bedroom floor.
Que vestido tan bonito! Quedaria precioso en el suelo de mi habitacion.

Phrases that Keep You in the Game...

The way you're actually going to find some success with Mexican women is to be honest and not try to get too far beyond a Spanish level that you can handle. After all, a couple icebreaker lines are all well and good, but you won't get very far without some respectful conversation. So take some spanish lessons first, then try a few simple, direct but honest phrases...

. Hello.

. How's it going?
Que tal?

. I like your smile.
Me gusta tu sonrio.

. Come here often?
Viene aqui mucho?

. Can I buy you a drink?
Puedo comprarte una bebida?

. I love this song. Would you care to dance?
Me encanta esta cancion. Quieres bailar conmigo?
(BONUS HINT: Don't use this line if you don't know how to dance.)

Extravagantly Romantic Phrases that MIGHT Work...Sometimes...
If you listen to latin music or watch many Mexican movies, you'll hear some of the most outlandishly grand phrases of love and eternity. It's enough to gag a maggot! Some women might be susceptible to these kinds of things, so maybe you could try one. I've heard that successful Romeos often say things to women that, if any of your high school buds ever heard you utter, would make you the butt of party jokes for eternity.  So, maybe they'll work, but don't be surprised if she laughs or gags at the outlandish excess. (They do seem to work in cartoons and pop songs though...) If you need more, just read the lyrics to any corny Marc Anthony or Marco Antonio Solis song.

. Dejare de amarte el dia que un pintor dibuje el sonido de una lagrima al caer.
I'll love you until the day an artist paints the sound of a falling tear.

. Not until heaven is made of paper and the oceans of paint will I have a place to write how you make me feel.
Ni aunque el cielo fuera hecho de papel y los oceanos de tinta no habria lugar para escribir lo que me haces sentir.

. Women as beautiful as you are what inspired cavemen to paint.
Las mujeres tan hermosas como tu son las que incitaron a los cavernicolas a pintar.


I hope I've given you a few useful phrases that you can use to attract and flirt with Mexican women. Of course the smile and style will have to be your own, and it's all up to you to read the cues and make the play.

Buene suerte, amigo!

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