Jabra gn9330e wireless telephone headset is comfortable and sounds great

Jan 8, 2011
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Pros:Lightweight, good sound quality, strong battery life

Cons:None identified

The Bottom Line: Perfect for a business environment where you need hands-free ability to  handle telephone calls. 

Jabra GN9300e Wireless Headset

At work, I have used the Jabra GN9390e wireless headset for several years.  Jabra is the brand name that is now used by GN Netcom for its line of headsets.  I use my headset with the Avaya 2420 telephone set.

This is a wireless unit that is designed to be used in a business/commercial/call-center environment.  It is over-the-top for home use.  The unit consists of a base station, headset assembly, power supply and cabling.  The battery snaps into the headset, which can be used in an over-the-head or over-the-ear arrangement. The base station has volume control and indicator lights to show you the state of your battery charge. It also allows you to change "channels" in the event you run into any interference. Jabra calls this the "clear dial tone switch."  The base station setup is both simple and complex.  Simple in that it can be as easy as plugging the line cord into the headset jack of the phone is so equipped, complex in that it allows many different combinations of setup, depending upon the type of phone you are using it with. 

A USB version is also available if calling is done through the computer that than through a telephone set.

The manufacturer claims that the unit has a range of up to 330ft, but that presupposes there are no physical obstructions between the base station and the headset. Working in a large commercial building, with rest rooms and utility rooms in the center, I've found that the range is about half that, but still reasonable.  If you wander out of range, the headset plays a three-tone warble sound.  If you return to range, it reestablishes the connection the base station and your active call.

Battery life is reported as six hours, and I have found that during the first year-or-so, that is fairly accurate, but it does drop off over time.  Replacement batteries are available, and I've recently gotten in the habit of replacing mine annually. It is not a significant expense.

The over-the-head headband is flexible and springy, and feels comfortable, similarly, the over-the-ear rubberized hook is also comfortable, and can be shaped to fit.

Sound and voice quality are both excellent. It excels on long duration conference calls as your hands are free and you are able to use a keyboard and multitask while pretending to pay attention.  The earpiece has a volume control, and a mute, so that if you are on a conference call and wander off to use the "facilities" no one else has to hear you do your business, or even know you are away from your desk. 

Unless, of course, they call on you while you are indisposed.  

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