Match Those Cars - Mattel Cars Matching Game

Jan 20, 2011
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Pros:cute, colorful, easy to play, Cars characters

Cons:have to punch out the cards before playing the first time

The Bottom Line:

I would recommend Mattel’s Cars Matching Game to any youngster that enjoys matching games and the movie Cars.

My three year old nephew loves to play games just like his Aunt. When he comes to visit me he always brings along a game or two. One game we have been playing a lot is Cars Matching Game. I purchased the game for my nephew for Christmas and we have been playing it about every weekend since Christmas.

Cars Matching Game is recommended for children three and older and requires one to four players to play. Cars Matching Game is made by Mattel. The object of the game is to be the player with the most matches.

Cars Matching Game comes with 54 playing cards and rules. Before playing the first time you will need to punch out the cards. Once all the cards are punched out you need to place all the cards facedown in the middle of the playing area.

Let’s Play

We like putting the cards in a grid of eight cards by seven cards. This makes it a bit easier for my nephew then just having them scattered around. The first player flips over two cards. If the cards match that player picks these cards up and places them in front of them. If you make a match you get to go again until your two cards don’t match. If the cards don’t match, both cards should be turned back facedown and the next player plays as above.

When all the cards have been matched the game is over. They player with the most cards is the winner.

You can make the game shorter or easier for smaller children by removing some of the pairs from the game before playing. You can also play by the first player turning over two cards and if they don’t match leave the cards face up. The next player would flip over two cards and if any of the cards match, they get to pick up that pair. My nephew does like to play this way a bit better as it is a bit easier for him.

You can play the game by yourself by seeing how fast you can match all the pairs. My nephew said he never played the game himself.

I like Cars Matching Game as I think it is a cute memory game that is based on the movie Cars. I think the game is great for boys or girls. I think it would make a great gift.

Cars Matching Game promotes matching skills, memory, counting, and taking turns. The game does not require reading skills.

I purchased Cars Matching Game for my nephew online as I know he loves the movie Cars and thought he would like this game. I paid $9.99 for it.

My nephew and I love playing Cars Matching Game. The cards are colorful and easy for us to play with. They are cards and may tear so you need to be careful.

I would recommend Mattel’s Cars Matching Game to any youngster that enjoys matching games and the movie Cars.

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