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Jan 21, 2011 (Updated Jan 30, 2011)
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Pros:incredible push, reversible seat, great fold

Cons:plain seat, basket access

The Bottom Line: all the features are add ons but still the push and reversible seat makes it worth it

I can’t say I’m a Bugaboo expert, I’ve never owned a Frog or a Chameleon. Truthfully, the idea that it folds in 2 pieces always turned me off of Bugaboo so I never even considered one. But when a great deal on a Bee came up I started asking questions and learned that it not only had a reversible seat but folded in 1 piece. So I decided to give it a try. I’m going to do a full review of it below but I really think there are two descriptions that really say how great this stroller really is. First is that I can attach a Buggy Board to this and then I can actually walk through the mall wearing my 6 month old in a carrier while EASILY one handedly pushing my 28 lb two year old in the seat AND my 40 lb four year old on the board WHILE carrying my coffee in the other hand. If that doesn’t say ease I don’t know what does. But if that’s not enough, the handle on this adjusts low enough that I can actually put it all the way down and my four year old can easily, not only push, but seamlessly steer my 28 lber through the store. There are a lot of strollers he can push (though maybe not comfortably because of handle height) but steering becomes an issue as the front swivel wheels on other strollers can take some extra umph to get going the right way, at the very least he’d have to slow down. That is not the case at all with the Bugaboo Bee. And since I’m cruising with 3 kids under five, push is the most important feature out there.

So this stroller features a frame with single wheels with spring shocks, the front two of which swivel. The handle infinitely adjusts to accommodate someone under 4' tall all the way up to maybe 6'. This is an estimate as I am only 5'6 but my daughter is 5'8 and still has room. The basket appears smaller but it holds a ton. The stroller is not tipsy at all in any position even with the Buggy Board on. The tip factor is a big deal to me because I drove a Peg Perego for 8 years and loved that, so when I tried a Maclaran I just couldn’t get over the tip factor.

Attached to the frame is the stroller seat. The stroller seat can be attached facing you or facing the world. This is a great feature as studies show kids do better facing you, I also like being able to talk to the kids. Plus with the Buggy Board on, with the seat facing me the kids can talk and play. Now I am old school, I mean so old that my oldest was born pre Bugaboo days. She was born back in the day when you could still buy an actual pram at Babies R Us (though around us it was Baby Superstore then), back when Graco and Kolcraft made strollers with reversible handles, or for a bit more, Peg Perego. So I much prefer having a reversible handle because you can do that while the child is sitting in the seat. That would allow my daughter to face forward for a while then when tired I could turn her around. In trade off though, all those strollers had to be reversed back to fold. The Bugaboo Bee can fold with the seat attached either direction. Though the fold is more stable and compact when it faces the world. The seat is not hard to reverse once you get the hang of it. But it does take some getting the hang of. You have to push buttons to pop off supporting arms and then push a switch to pull it the rest of the way off then switch it around, pop back on and reattach the arms. The newer Bugaboo Bee Plus have an easier attachment.
The seat features a 4 position recline. It does not have a legrest though the seat bottom is actually adjustable in length so for a small baby you can lengthen it to give it more of a legrest, toddlers are less lucky. This also means you do not have the option of enclosing the seat for a newborn though they sell a "nest" for this purpose. The canopy is huge and when fully open creates a cave like area that really blocks the sun. The canopy is also removable. The basket is more easily accessed from the fully open front, which means that when the child is facing the world that the better access is behind their feet.
The stroller has an easy to use push with your foot brake. It folds easily with the touch of 2 buttons on the handle while unfolding just involves stepping down on the brake and pushing, also quick and easy. Some people complain that the stroller does not lock fully opened easily. I silicone sprayed the frame and haven’t had an issue since.

The stroller pretty much does not come with any "extras". You can buy separately a rain cover, bug cover, different canopies, cupholders, boots, parasol, even an iphone holder. The parasol and cupholders I have are very quick and easy to attach. The raincover is nice, it even has a window and is extendable but its not as quick and easy to use.

I have to say, I prefer a more substantial seat but the reversible seat while still being able to fold the stroller combined with the to die for push and nice fold really make this stroller great. My kids don’t complain about the seat and not only is it machine washable but it easily wipes clean too so I guess I won’t complain.

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