The Most Anticipated 2010 Hardware And Video Game Releases For Your Nintendo DSi

Jan 27, 2010 (Updated May 3, 2010)

The Bottom Line Many strong games and hardware upgrades are being released this year on Nintendo’s portable console leaving the Sony PSPGo shaking in fear.  Go get your Free Nintendo DSi games now!

Nintendo Handheld Hardware Releases For 2010
Nintendo DSi XL

I have received and written a review of the Nintendo DSi XL.
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In addition to many innovative role playing games that are being released in 2010 for the Nintendo DSi Matte Black, you can also expect to see a whole new portable product to hit the shelves this year as well.  Code named:  Nintendo DSi LL by many in Japan and said to be called Nintendo DSi XL to emphasize the larger screens.  The product will feature bigger dual screens (4.2” to be exact) and a longer battery life to make your favorite games come to life while on the go.  Rumors have this showing up in the European market March 5, 2010.  A date for North American release is not available at this time.

Many game titles already released use layered or vector graphics and as a result are ideally suited for the Nintendo DSi LL.  Here is a list of games that you should buy now to take advantage of these new bigger screens:
Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Freedom Wings
Geometry Wars Galaxies

Tilt Control On The Nintendo DSi?
Yes!  A company called Engine Software has created a tech demo that shows off tilt control on the Nintendo DSi.  The software uses the digital camera to detect changes in the environment and give the tilt impression of a tilt to the game.  Expect to see variations of this feature appear in the Nintendo handheld consoles later this year maybe?

Nerf Armor For The Nintendo DSi!
Nerf, the company who makes all those cool foam guns, has created a line of armor for your Nintendo DSi now.  The armor comes in two colors:  red and blue and is supposed to be on store shelves as of January 2010!  Happy Nerf Year!

My Most Anticipated Nintendo DS Handheld Software Releases For 2010
As with any gaming console, the pipeline of video games starts out weak and ends strong as the software developers learn about the limitations or hidden strengths of the hardware.  The Nintendo DS has seen a fury of activity in the role playing game category in 2009 which is going to be followed up by even more remarkable games in 2010. 

DSiWare has also made a strong showing of new game releases already in 2010.  Since these games do not incur manufacturing and retail distribution costs, publication of content that has a narrow audience is allowed. 

Here is a list of new games that I am excited about for 2010:
1) Infinite Space - Released
2) Spectral Force Genesis - Preorder
3) Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey - Released, creepy game that reminds me of Pokemon Platinum, except here you collect demons!
4) Sands of Destruction - On shelves and living up to expectations already.
5) Golden Sun - TBA, buzz about the game is at a fevered pitch now.
6) Ragnarok DS - Preorder
7) Starship Defense - New Review Here,  Great tower defense game!


2010 is going to be a great year for the Nintendo handheld gaming console.  Strong DSI XL sales in Japan for 2009 are pointing to a massive release here in the United States.  I still do not believe that this is all that can be done for the innovative handheld console market.  In the future we can expect even more advanced graphics capabilities released for these pint sized gamine devices as the size of computer chips get smaller and more power efficient!

Free Nintendo DSi Games!
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