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Jan 28, 2011
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Pros:This book is well written and it also has a moral at the end.

Cons:the book has some difficult vocabulary and is written in a rather old fashioned way.

The Bottom Line: I liked this book because it is very well written.Lots of vocabulary and is written in a rather old english.And the story is detailed but short.

I found Christmas Carol a very well written book and the story interesting. the classical story of Mr.Scrooge who is taken on a adventure with the three ghosts: past, present and future,, of his life before and what it would be after if he continues his ways...At the beginning he is a grumpy, selfish and mean old man who wants to hold on to every penny and who hates children. But as he goes on several adventures with each ghost on Christmas day who somewhat scares him into mending his ways he realizes what he is and what he will become if he continues his ways. so he helps Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim and their family to prove his new self and generosity.A brief resume of the Story:After Marley's death (Marley is the business partner of Scrooge) Scrooge takes charge of the business working in a warehouse.Scrooge is particularly sour towards his cheerful nephew and to his clerk: Bob Cratchitt. examples of his greed and unkindness would be for example when two portly men came to his door on Christmas eve to ask for donations for the poor, sick and disabled Scrooge would not give them a penny. And to his poor worker Bob Cratchitt he had to beg Scrooge for a day off on Christmas so that he could spend it with his family. On the same night, Scrooge is visited by Marley's ghost. Marley was very much like Scrooge and after life as a ghost to repay his unkindness and his nasty ways he has to carry heavy, heavy chains. he warns Scrooge that if he continues with his ways, he too will end up like Marley: carrying chains after life. he also warns Scrooge that three ghosts will visit him. The ghosts are: past, present and future. Past shows him his life when he was just a boy, to where he was raised and brought up. the present brought him to a Christmas party that his Nephew invited him to but refused to go and the future... showed him his grave and how thieves robbed the money from his grave... all this convinced Scrooge to become a better person which he did.
 My opinion: this book is very well written and very well detailed. and i also liked the fact that it wasn't a long boring and complicated book at all: short and sweet is exactly how i'd describe it!

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