Maytag Compact Electric Dryer

Feb 4, 2011
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Pros:Looks nice and fit in the small space I needed it to fit.

Cons:Takes forever to dry clothes.  Heating element went out after less than two years.

The Bottom Line: Do some more research and buy another brand.  This unit is very poor quality and Maytag does not stand behind it.

This dryer is terrible.  I purchased it less than two years ago because of the Maytag name, but now wish I'd researched other brands.  When I bought this dryer, the unit that was installed didn't work; no heat at all.  After trying different settings to no avail, I called the distributor, who made a service call and told me it was because I hadn't cleaned the lint filter.  In the two days since it was installed, I had dried exactly one set of queen-sized sheets and had, in fact checked the filter before and after the cycle as I've done with every dryer I've ever owned.  After another week of dealing with the distributor, I suspected he had sold me a refurbished unit, returned it and got my money back.  I purchased the exact same unit from Sears, still believing the machine was not the problem.  It has always taken forever for clothes to dry and my electric bill reflects this.  Last week the heating element went out completely and I'm stuck with a $300 repair bill.  I am so disappointed with this appliance.  When I called Sears to find out if there were any recalls or known problems with this appliance, the lady said, "Well, they just have the same quality anymore."  I'm very disappointed with Maytag.

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