Powerful Speakers with Great Bass

Feb 7, 2011
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Pros:Great for listening to music, watching movies or playing games.
Stunning bass

Cons:Don't like the tone knob.
Cables are smaller than expected. 

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this system to people who are looking for a good entertainment experience without sacrificing space and money.

I loved this product the moment I played my first song on it. It looks great on my desk and I have just had a great time with it. I bought the Altec Lansing VS2621 Speakers on Black Friday for $19.99, a great deal. I bought it because I was looking for medium sized speakers with a smaller sub woofer. The speakers have exceptional quality and I was not expecting it out of 7.5 watt speakers. The piano black finish really looks good but the polygon shape is a little goofy. The system sounds better while playing lower songs than higher songs because you can experience a small quality decrease. This was the perfect fit for me because the speakers fit on my desk perfectly. I love the deep bass and the modern look of it. Plus it is a side-blowing sub woofer so it entertains me on deep songs. Turning on the system is a pain because you have to reach at the back of the sub woofer to flick the switch, this forces you to place the sub woofer in a place where you can reach in the back. I don't like the tone knob because I find myself constantly adjusting it every song just to find the best quality sound. 

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