Three Times the Charm

Feb 9, 2011
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Pros:Well made, sounds clear, and comfortable.

Cons:Too bulky, a little expensive and I wish the battery life is better.

The Bottom Line: Don't hesitate. This is a great deal. You will enjoy these.

This is my 3rd set of Bose Noise Canceling Headhones. I owned the original pair and I thought it was absolutely superb. In fact I had no desire to change but my daughter jammed them into a suitcase and the plastic frame broke. Customer Service at Bose was very accomodating, I was offered an upgrade for about $100. I took advantage of that offer and 3 days later, my new headphones arrived.

To my dismay, they were not as good as the 1st generation but they were better than everything else I tried. I just went along with what I had and used them for airplane travel only. This was a disappointment but I had no other option.

Eventually, the 2nd generation product developed a crackling sound and I called once more to get an upgrade to the new QuietComfort 15 model.

This time, it took longer, probably 3 weeks to get my new headphones. I noticed several things right away; they were about the same size as the last genaration but they seemed lighter and the carry case was more streamlined. This made travel easier and my briefcase thinner.

First time I used them, I was on a long flight to Las Vegas and settled in to listen to some music and watch a movie.  I immediately noticed the difference, the quiet was really deep, total silence, eeire silence. It was like landing in a big pillow. That alone was wonderful and now reminded me of that 1st generation product which was just as quiet BUT without the hiss of that 1st generation model.

Now, lets get to the sound. I understand that headphones all sound different so there's some level of personal preference. Good headphones are simply good sounding for everyone who tries them but have different characteristics.

The sound is rich, balanced and full. The bass is reasonable, strong and not boomy at all. The mid tones are nicely blended with the highs and lows and the highs don't screech or scream, they are just there.

Overall, this is a superb product and I highly recommend it.

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