Many Dolby Options, Comfortable, Pricy, Fragile

Feb 10, 2011 (Updated Aug 8, 2011)
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Pros:Great sound, long operating time, comfortable fit, reliable, many dolby options,very low/no noise level.

Cons:Expensive, Fragile. Should be stronger where the earspeaker is connected to the headband.

The Bottom Line: I LOVE these headphones BUT they should be better made.

An Excellent wireless headphone that is free of extraneous noises to detract from its fine sound reproduction, with many dolby decoding options.  Great operating time using rechargable AA nickel-metal hydride batteries.

I'm at my desk often on my computer for 12 or more hours a day and most of it I'm wearing my headphones.  By using wireless headphones, I have the convenience to move around without a cord tethering me.  With the Pioneers, I also have great sound quality that exceeds any other infrared headset, that I have tried. I don't use the any rechargable AA batteries since I use these everyday for hours on end.  I use rechargable nickel-metal hydride batteries rated at 2700 mAh with a separate recharger so I always have a pair ready-to-go. 

Previous wireless headphones used a dedicated special battery that cost $45 and its operating time was less than 9 hours per charge, which is nothing like these Pioneers with the rechargable nickel-metal hydride batteries.  Given the cost of these headphones, this side investment made the setup great for me.

The range is about 25ft for me, but most of the time I move around within 12' of the transmitter, so range isn't a problem.  My previous headset was RF based, which at the time, offered the best fidelity over any available infrared headphones.  These Pioneers are a rare find if you really want fidelity and you have short line-of-sight user distances.

Having 2 years of experience with these Pioneers proved their reliability except for one area.  The almost all plastic construction means some care is needed.  Don't toss these around.  A small drop to the floor caused one side to break off where the earspeaker connects to the headband.  I super-glued them back together resulting in a slight loss in the flexibility of one side, but this meant I didn't need to buy another pair. 

Since Feb 2011 to now July 2011, I have had to repair these headphones twice more so now I have had to glue both sides back on the headband.  I have switched to epoxy as it seems to fill and bond better than the super glue used before.

These are very comfortable around-the-ear type headphones making their use for many hours a delight. Due to my gluing back together several times, the fit isn't spot on. 

I purchased a pair of Sennheiser RS170 wireless headphones and after two weeks of use, I have to say that these are not as comfortable as the Pioneers for long continuous use as the Sennheisers fit on the tight side and my ears get warm and sweaty, a problem I didn't have with the Pioneer.  The sound quality of the Sennheisers is excellent, perhaps slightly better than the Pioneers and the RF Kleer technology is very high quality noiseless transmission signal and these tighter fitting phones do isolate outside noises better.

On balance, I will continue to use the Pioneers until perhaps they break again.  Then I'll hope Pioneer will have a better quality constructed wireless headphones by then.  I may put the Sennheisers on Ebay as the sound quality isn't worth the sweaty warm ears.

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