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Feb 13, 2011
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Pros:Print Speed, DVD Print Quality, Wireless Printing.

Cons:Setup on Windows 7

The Bottom Line: If you need to upgrade your printer and want an All In One Solution, you can't go wrong with this printer!

I had planned to purchase this from Amazon, but discovered that a local retailer was offering it on sale plus an additional $50 off if you brought in your old printer. Doing that, even after taxes, it was about $20 less than the cheapest place I could find it online. So, make sure and check your local retailers. I know it's rare to find a better deal in a brick and mortar store, but sometimes it is possible.
Now, on to the printer. I've had it a week and here are my initial impressions.
(1) Setup on Windows 7 - it was a pain and took a couple hours for me to get it working. The Wi-Fi set up was not quite as simple as laid out in the manual. Now, I have a relatively new HP Elite computer, and it has had some issues, and I wonder if some of my trouble was related to the blasted Norton Anti-Virus. After lots of fiddling and re-installing via USB for the network, everything works.
(2) Setup on Windows Vista - To use the "wireless print" function, you must install the software on the CD on any computer you wish to use. Our computer in the kitchen uses Windows Vista, and it installed in about 10 minutes on that computer. Much easier than on the Windows 7 machine upstairs.
(3) Photo Printing from PC - I do a lot of work in Photoshop CS5. I'm having some issues having the printed colors matching the on-screen colors. My monitor is calibrated using a Spyder Pro unit, and preivously on my old Canon the printouts matched very very well. However, I need to dive into the details in the print panel to get it all working.
The printing is quick and looks pretty good, but I've noticed "thin red lines" in the photo prints from the PC. I calibrated the printer and heads, but not sure if it has cleared it up as I haven't tried to print a photo. I did print a DVD since the calibration and it looks AWESOME. I printed on some cheapo Memorex DVD-Rs that I got on sale from Staples for $10 (a 25-pack).
(4) Photo Printing from a SD card - I plugged one of my Nikon D90s SD cards directly into the 835 and used on the on-screen menu to print a 4x6 straight off the card. It was very very good. No red banding as experienced from the previous PC print. So I'm hoping the head calibration worked.
(5) DVD printing - This (and the wi-fi printing) was the major reason I got this printer. I shoot a lot of wedding and event videos and have been reading that the on dsic printing quality has gotten a lot better then when it first came out. As noted earlier, the on-disc printing sample I did was amazing. I created the image in Photoshop and used the Epson CD Print software to lay it out onto the disc. I inserted the DVD into the printer and within 10 seconds I had a stunning Professional looking DVD disc. Great saturation and great color. For this alone, I hope the printer lasts as long as our Canon pixma did (about 7 years).
I haven't used the scanning or copying functions yet, but I'm sure they work fine.
Overall I'm satisfied with my purchase. The only thing I need to fix is the color matching from on-screen to printing and I will be very happy with this purchase.

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