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Feb 16, 2011
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Pros:-4.25 in. screens-Long Battery Life -Great screens-Excellent audio quality-Can play music-$170?

Cons:- Some games appear pixelated on the larger screens-only plays AAC music files -$170?

The Bottom Line: I recommend this to anyone who loves fun games, and is not a Playstion/Xbox fan boy. There are plenty of great experiences to be had with this device!

So the Nintendo DSi XL, what's good about it? The Nintendo DS line of systems has given me 5 years of portable gaming; and the Nintendo DSiXL has only made it better. I was absolutely stunned by the immense size of the dual screens, having upgraded from a Nintendo DSlite. They are beautiful, crisp, vibrant screens, that truly immerse you into the game play.  The Nintendo DSiXL comes with a few preinstalled items from the on-line, Nintendo DSi Shop: Brain Age: Express Arts and Letters, Brain Age: Express Math, Photoclock, Flipnote Studio, and Web Browser. Aside for the Nintendo DSi Shop, it also has a Nintendo DSi Sound application, 2 Cameras (I believe 3 mega-pixel), Web Browser (as previously mentioned), Picto-chat, DS Download play, and the ability to play DS games.  It has an SD Card slot for listening to music, or for extra storage space. The price has recently been dropped to about $170, making it $20 less than its original price. The games for it cost on average from $20-$35, with a variety of genres to suit any gamer. My experience with the Nintendo DSiXL system has been absoltely wonderful. I have never played a truly "bad" game for this amazing system. There are also plenty of cases for it for all of you who are worried about it being dameged (i.e. screen protectors, etc.) I hope that one day, you can experience this amazing deviece.

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