Ear Pollution CS40 headphones by ifrogs

Feb 20, 2011
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Pros:Very comfortable, Lightweight, Portable, Loud bass, strong-looking cord, fashionable design, variety of colors, inexpensive,

Cons:headphone squeaks, vocals aren't the greatest, hard to adjust to head

The Bottom Line:

All in all i would recommend the cs40 headphones because although they have their problems,you probably aren't going to find a better pair of headphones for around 50 dollars.

I have had the cs40 headphones for a little over a week now and they are actually pretty decent for the price. They cost almost 50 dollars on their website. The first thing i noticed when i tried them on for the first time was how comfortable they were.The ear cushions are huge and very soft.When listening to the cs40s I noticed right away how incredible the bass was. It was by far, the most noticeable thing in all of my songs so if you like a loud bass, this is the product for you. I bought this product because i read a lot of good reviews and the design was pretty awesome. I really love how the headphones fold up and fit into my bag whenever i get tired of wearing them on my head or around my neck.I don't normally wear them around my neck because i don't like how the plastic makes the back of my neck feel after a while. I hate the fact that one headphone constantly squeaks every time i move it. This can get annoying after a while.Another problem is that whenever i use them for a long period of time they end up making my ears really sore and sometimes they can give me a bit of a migraine.I don't know if this is due to the headphones them-self or just listening to the music too loud but it can get really frustrating. Overall, the Ear-pollution CS40's are a great deal if you want decent headphones but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars for them.

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