revenge is best served cold.. and with gold, rubies

Feb 23, 2011
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Pros:bling, cash, diamonds, dough, bread

Cons:denerio, big bucks, coin

The Bottom Line: debloons, and oh yeah money

I have spent the last several weeks reading a book called the Count of Monte Cristo, I once read a kids adaptation of it (taking away things like the counts drug use, and the problems in Villeforts family which can be scary for an 8 year old) and seeing it on my DS classic book collection I decided to read. It's not a light book with about 1,300 so pages of the real book (on the DS it translated to 9,570) this is definitely a heavy read. But it's an entertain story that when it was done I actually wanted to read more.

Edmond Dantes is a sailor, while poor the best days of his life are upon him. He has just been named Captain of a ship, and he's about to marry the beautiful Mercedes. However his final duty of the late captain of his ship is about to get him into trouble. There are 2 people who don't like Edmond one is a sailor on the ship named Danglers, and the other is Fernand a man who is also in love with Mercedes. They know that Dantes got a letter from Napolean and they set him up to be a Bonapartist. This ultimately gets Dantes arrested, he explains to the prosecutor Villefort his story and why he has the letter and at first it seems the prosecutor is going to let him go. Until Villefort finds out the letter is written to his father, afraid that it will ruin his career Villefort also sets Edmond to take the fall and Edmond is imprisoned without a trail to the Chateau D'If. He spends 14 years there but not in solitude he meets a fellow prisoner that all the guards think is mad, but he really is brilliant. The Abbe Faria teaches Edmond everything he knows and also tells Edmond that he has discovered the lost treasure of the Spada family. When Faria catches ill and dies Edmond escapes by taking his place in the body bag. Edmond eventually reaches the island of Monte Cristo where the treasure is supposed to be and claims it, he becomes richer then a king.

Returning home he discovers that all the people who tried to help when he got arrested are now in poverty and misery. And those that have betrayed him are now all rich counts and barons, and Fernand has married Mercedes and calls him Morcef now Edmond decides that god has decreed that he should help those who have fallen on hard times trying to help the so called late Edmond Dantes (he's been declared dead something at this point he doesn't mind), and punish those who benefitted from his betrayal. A short time later his former employer Morrel is saved from bankruptcy and suicide by an unknown benefactor.

9 years later Albert Morcef bumps into the mysterious Count of Monte Cristo in Italy and invites him to Paris. While the count seems to be friendly if a bit cold, strange things start to happen to the fortune of Danglers, Morcef, and Villefort shortly after he arrives. The count also has in his employ a few people that also bare grudges against these people.

The book is fantastic, first off because Edmond isn't blood thirsty in his revenge. Has he puts in the book he is not happy if his enemies are executed, all it is a second or two of pain in the chest or the neck. He wants them to suffer far more. So none of his enemies die by his hand but what he does do to them you almost feel sorry for them, and wish he had merely executed him.  Has he gets into the family and learns there weakness and exploits them. He uses Danglers Greed, Ferdands cowardly dark past, and Villieforts arrogance. It's just interesting to watch the count spin his web and how all 3 just fall right into it.

How he treats the children of these families is also interesting. While he ruins their parents he also becomes friends and sets the children free. Each of them have marriages arrange by the parents they don't want, and would gladly give up there fortune if they could be free from these arranged marriages. The count grants their wishes and helps them out behind the scenes. With the exception of one child that accidentally falls into the counts lust for revenge and this ultimately humbles the count to realize that while he may be doing something of providence that he is still human after all.

While over a thousand pages long the story stays at an intense pace and you never feel bored. Even during moments when all the characters are doing his talking about the upper class of Paris during this time in the 19th century. The conspiracy's and the interesting characters (especially the main one) makes this one that is hard to put down.

Oh more thing that is interesting in the book. The count's description is that he has an unusual pallor and several people say he might be a vampire.  Kind of reminds be of another famous count that would burst into the literary scene a few decades later, but this one would be a real vampire.

Final Recommendation.
The Count of Monte Cristo is an interesting read and look back at French society in the 19th century. It is a tale of revenge and forgiveness. The revenge parts are especially sweet has I said none of the 3 people who imprisoned Edmond Dantes die by his hands, they do indeed wish they were dead by the end of the book.

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