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Feb 23, 2011 (Updated Feb 23, 2011)
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This is the biggest piece of junk in Vacuums I have ever owned.Where the hose curves up to pass through to the holding bin, clogs up every time. At first the machine was great, for some reason now it clogs. After I clean it out, it clogs right there again.
Don't bother with this thing. It's crap.
I think the design in poor, with a hose that clogs constantly, who wants to bother with this?
I liked having the extension hose but it's at an odd angle. It is lightweight. It might be okay if you have clean carpet to begin with...if you have cats, forget it. Cat hair is the clogger here. 
Mine is sitting right now gutted, washed the bin, filter, and other container components to see if that has anything to do with it's lack of suckage. 

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