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Feb 28, 2011
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Pros:great look, easy to use, great features

Cons:water leakage

The Bottom Line: I would buy this product again only if I contacted the manufacturer to see if the issue was resolved

This product has great looks ,auto timer shut off after 2hrs, programmable brewing very simple to use and believe it or not the coffee tasted better in this maker. But this is my second one,  the first didn't have any extras just on and off so I splurged and bought the better model ,thinking the issue I previously had was just a fluke. But they both had the same problem they leaked water and coffee so bad that my counter top has been ruined. I wish that the manufacturer would fix this problem. I checked the over fill which prevents the machine from over filling the coffee pot itself if you accidentally over fill the  water reservoir but still leaking. The greatest thing about it is once the 2hr warming timer goes off you just push the button again as if you were to make another pot and it reheats the coffee with no burnt smell or taste. If that leaking would stop it would be the best coffee maker I have bought without spending a ton of money. I still have it I just put a counter saver under it and keep wiping it's too good of a machine to replace it with what could be a worse choice.

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