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Feb 28, 2011 (Updated Mar 7, 2011)
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Cons:durability, sound quality, user friendliness

The Bottom Line: I would not recommend these headphones to anyone because there are so many others out there that are MUCH better.

I love listening to music as do most people.  With iPods able to hold hundreds of thousands of songs, I am planning on listening to music all the time!The "Skull Candy Smokin' Bud Headphones are all the trend.  They are the new style, an awesome fad!...but are they really worth getting if they just break on you four different times as they have done to me?  I think not...

Looks:  Don't get me wrong, the "Skull Candy Smokin' Bud Headphones" look awesome.  You can literally get them in almost any color you want.  All the way from hot pink to black, and I've even seen Rasta colored buds, but is this really what you want to to have in headphones?  How "cool" they look?

User Friendly: The "Skull Candy's" come with three different sized silicone ear pieces that you can attach to the buds according to your ears to fit, but besides that they seem to be somewhat of a burden, especially if you're one to work out with headphones in.  The headphone cord is made up of a rubber that creates a lot of friction.  The buds, even though adjusted to your ears, get yanked out quite often.  This is very annoying, and eventually you will probably get as fed up as I did, and take the "Skull Candy" buds right out of your ears, and put them in your pocket.

Sound: After owning my fair share of these "Skull Candy's" headphones, I moved away from them and did a little research on how other ones were.  Well, I found out that the "Skull Candy's" really don't pack a punch in your ear at all.  At all!  And I'm very serious about this.  The sound is very basic and doesn't let you feel the distinctness between each specific noise in your ears.  Compared to other headphones out there, the sound quality of these are flat, soft, and not nearly as deep of a sound as you would like.  After a while of trying to get a crispier sound by turning the volume up a little bit more, these "Skull Candy's" have a tendency to blow, so from then on out all you have is a clicking sound along with your music in your ears.

Durability:  Probably the worst feature I have come across with these headphones, is that they are constantly breaking in one way or another.  Like I said before they will blow out so from then on out you have a clicking static sound.  Also, the bud piece falls apart.  This has happened to me multiple times!  Not fun.

Overall the cons definitely weigh out the pros.  $30 for headphones sounds like an all-right deal, but when they break on you shortly after, I guarantee you will be quite upset.  So save up a few extra dollars, and try staying away from the "Skull Candy Smokin' Bud Headphones."

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