Review for 1000 Phillips BluRay DVD Theatre System

Mar 4, 2011
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Pros:Great product for the price

Cons:Can get too loud at times

The Bottom Line: Excellent product for the price. Never had a serious glitch with this product. The good completely outweighs the bad.

I bought Phillips HTS3051B/F7 home theatre system because I needed to upgrade in the world after using a VHS player for so long that my tapes were wearing out. I took the salesperson recommendation and purchased it with a phillips tv: suggesting that the same brands tend to complement each other.
Setup was very simple and easy to organize with the colour-coded plugs. Cords for each of the speakers are long enough to stretch across the largest of rooms. Each speaker and woofer is clearly labelled as to where to put it in your room. This design makes it nearly impossible to need any further instruction. All speakers are very light and can be mounted virtually anywhere in your home including the center front speaker which is sometimes larger and longer: I quite like the idea of having them all be the same size and shape.
The DVD player itself has a dial for volume and this may just be personal preference but I always prefer buttons. Remote is light in the hand and works from very far away. This is an incredibly minor detail but I thought I would include it: when you hit then eject button it takes an oddly long amount of time for the tray to emerge.
If you're looking for a player that will play multiple personal burned CDs or DVDs such as discs with photos or slideshows on them, these will usually work fine, but may be resized/stretched/shrunk according to your settings. If you want music or movies to play this may be difficult as this machine will not play all types (including the ones listed on the box) depending on what program you used to burn them. In general I found everything that I used windows for to burn in JPEG, JPG, Xvid, Divx, MPEG: formats were the ones/codec that worked the best. Most AVI and MOV files will not play if you use another program. Or if they do play it will be likely that it will lag or the audio doesn't always match up with the video.
And now for the actual sound. The sound is excellent really fills up the room and matches the movies perfectly. You can choose to have the woofer or not. Phillips included preset sound settings for different types of movies/music I found experimenting with these allows for the best possible sound rather than the default setting. Although if you never switched it around the default is still great. You can really feel enveloped into a movie so much more with the surround.
BluRay is extrememly clear and works best with a gold tipped HDMI cable. Something I should also mention is movies that are not bluray or do not fit your tv: this system has an option for you to adjust the picture to the best possible size and clarity depending on the movie you're trying to watch. It really is that good.
Also the remote does not drain excessive batteries. This has been a problem for me in the past with phillips systems, but not here. I found there were too many small buttons on the remote making for difficulty to quickly find what you want to do. Also the system takes a minute to start up but being patient is well worth the end result.

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