No Apologies Offered For This Fat Lady's Lymphedemic Feet Ouching Anyone's Piggies!

Jun 14, 2010

The Bottom Line In other words, I offer no apologies for stepping on any toes--just be thankful that (if it's your toes) the current state of my lymphedema prevents me from wearing shoes!

The following rant was inspired by reading this (along with other similar information):

This is NOT Christianity in any way, shape, or form!!! This is insanity! This is evil! This is promoting hate in the name of Jesus! NOT COOL! Neither mainline Christians nor mainline Jews approve of this--not unless they've been misled to believe those sheeple kibbles called propaganda!

HEY!!! What happened to "family values" and "pro-life" in this slaughter of innocent civilians--including babies and children!?!

Have some of our brains been replaced with sawdust!?!

Have some of our hearts been replaced with bull manure!?!

Are the USA and Israel turning into a combination of the worst of Nazi Germany and Jonestown!?!

Anybody who hasn't already deposited his/her brain & heart in the garbage bin at the entrance to this cult, please join us in speaking out against this abomination trying to pass itself off as God's will!!!

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