Nice washer HAS BIG FLAWS

Mar 9, 2011
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Pros:no vibration
spins most water out
cuts dryer time

Cons:no HOT water
some clothes knot up
must select 'fabric softner' option

The Bottom Line: I like what it offers but it's not performing.
I am waiting for my second technician repair apt, hoping he can figure out a problem.

I have an old LGfront loader and its works great BUT I just moved to a house with the laundry on the second floor, the floor is not reinforced so my house is vibrating apart. So we picked the new LG WT5101 top loader, it has 'vibration control.' This feature works well. We do not have vibrating.
PROS: Because its an HE washer it uses less water, (very important on well water!); no vibrations or house shaking; many cycles to  choose from; locking lid and child lock; sanitary cycle*(see cons);clothes do come out clean, better than standard top loaders; the rinse cycle has a knob that sprays water down on top the clothes; spin expells most water to cut drying time; this thing is huge!, i have not filled it yet but have had to split the drying loads even in my SUPER CAPACITY dryer ...its overall rating is 'good' but nothing more than that.
CONS: does not draw HOT water on HOT or EXTRA HOT(sanitary) which means it will have to use its internal heater to raise the water temp from 80(at best) to 100 to 140, depending on cycle, most cycles draw in cold to luke warm; sanitary cycle draws cool water and take 2.5 hours to heat it then only 'washes' for 10 minutes then goes right into rinsing; extra high spin will expel so much water it doesn't leave enough water to dry the wrinkles out in the dryer, i had to add wrinkle releaser to my cottons when i used the 'extra high' spin (this is a pro and con); some cycles will twist long sleeves and pants into knots, much worse than even a front loader might; if you have to stop the washer to change the cycle it will add water as if its empty, (my old front loader would sense the water already inside and add on drain accordingly, not this one, it ONLY ADDS); shorter people or short armed people might not be able to reach clothes in the bottom; the bleach dispenser needs to be rinsed out and you need to run the rinse and spin cycle after doing so per the owners manual, majorannoyance; unlike other or older model LGs this washer LACKS a 'quick cycle' which shorten the total wash time for speedier clean clothes.

I expected more from LG. I guess they are not ready to do top loaders. I absolutely love my old front loader and expected the same excellence. I am awaiting my second technician apt to try to fix the lack of hot water.
I hope LG can fix this.

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