Finally Earbuds that fit my Ears.

Mar 9, 2011
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Pros:Great fit, Good sound, Good value.

Cons:Wish they were a little bit tougher.

The Bottom Line: A lot more value for just a little extra cash.

I have big ears. Not immensely big ears, but still pretty big. No matter how many headphones I bought, I never could find a pair that fit right or would stay in. Finally a friend recommended SkullCandy. I love this company! They have tons of colors to choose from. But most importantly, they have multiple sizes! Every set of Smokin buds has multiple rubber tips of 3 different sizes. The largest size fits my ears and blocks out the sound of the subway and bus I ride to work everyday. they don't fall out and they don't move around. The sound is clear and they even have a volume adjuster on the cord so I don't have to dig my Ipod out of my pocket every time I need to hear what station we're at. With all that said, I do wish they were build a little stronger. I am very rough on my technology and they fought the good fight for 9 months of daily use, but in the end they broke at the connection of the ear piece and the cord. I still buy SkullCandy but have switches to the large headphones instead of the smokin buds. But the best part about Skullcandy is they offer a half off discount if you break or lose your headphones. so if you are rough on your technology, SkullCandy is definitely for you.

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