Toro: MAkers of Lousy Snowblowers!

Mar 13, 2011
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Pros:Good power (when it works)

Cons:Unreliable, prone to break, exspenive

The Bottom Line: Stay away from Toro: spend a little more and go with Honda.

I bought this thing because I grew tired of shoveling my 77' long driveway and needed something that could throw snow up and away from the house at least 30'. Well, when it worked, it would do this.  Unfortunately, the machine is unreliable.  Almost immediately after I purchased this sow blower, it broke due to some transmission type problem, which was fixed under warranty.  Naturally, it broke the very first time I pulled it out after it snowed.  A year later,  the cable broke that engages the clutch, for which the dealer sent me a replacement, also under warranty.  About a year after that, I discovered a leaky primer, for which I had to pay as the machine was no longer under warranty.   Approximately 15 months later, as I primed the primer to put the machine away for the spring, the same primer leaked gas again.  The dealer fixed this gratis, explaining Toros were prone to damage if one left gasoline in them too long.  However, I always use fresh gas with a stabilizer and run the machine dry prior to storage.  Needless to say, I shoveled my driveway many times by hand thanks to this unreliable machine.  Keep in mind in five years I probably only used this machine 15 times, if that.  For the $1200 bucks I paid for the thing, I could have had neighborhood kids shovel my driveway 40 times.

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