Cleans well, but doesnt last

Mar 18, 2011
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Pros:Wonder on furniture,cars, rugs as well as carpets. Keeps water warm.

Cons:Pump keeps going out, hard to clean

The Bottom Line: Great steam cleaner. If you do have problems customer service is wonderful.

I purchase the Bissell upright 9200 steamcleaner about 16 months ago. I purchased this item because we had just bought a puppy and i didnt want my new carpet to have any stains while we were house training the puppy. I love that this product keeps the water warm while your using it. It also has a feature where you can do a water rinse, or choose light clean, heavy clean, or normal clean. This is useful because if its a high traffic area you defiantly want to use heavy clean so its puts out more detergent. It has a really good hand tool to clean upolstery, furniture or rugs. I use this all the time. Pulls out almost off the water and leaves it mildy damp. Unlike other steamcleaners i have used with saturate everything and dont suck up enough water. The only this i dont like about this is it has broke twice on me and i had to have it repaired. The pump went out within the first 30 days i had it. So i took it in and had it fixed under manufactors warranty. Then 6 months after that it happend again! So far its been ok. I hope it will last awhile because it does a great job when its working well.

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