Mar 23, 2011
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Pros:Capacity is unsurpassed!  Simple to use for playing music, video, movies, shows, podcasts etc.

Cons:A bit pricey...but so worth it!

The Bottom Line: Given all the choices for iPods, I would not hesitate to buy another just like this one!

iPod choices:
As of this writing on March 2011, the iPods offered are:

iPod Classic 160GB offers the largest capacity and is a no frills must for those who need plenty of space for music, movies, TV shows, videos, photo's, audio books and podcasts.  Up to 36 hour audio/6 hour video battery life. 

iPod Touch 8, 32 & 64GB capacity for music, movies, TV shows, videos, games, applications, eBooks, audio books, podcasts, photos, Safari web browser, email, maps, FaceTime (video calling which requires WI-FI), HD video recording/ editing & up to 40 hour audio/7 hour video battery life.

iPod Nano 8 or 16GB capacity for music, audio books, podcasts, photo's, FM radio, pedometer & up to 24 hour audio battery life.

IPod Shuffle 2GB capacity for music, audio books, podcasts.  (No video).  Very small in capacity. Up to 15 hour battery life.
Why I chose the iPod classic: 
This is my second iPod classic.  My first was a 5th Generation 160GB which died after about 3 years.  I did drop it a few times and played it for over 12 hours a day, every day.  I'm more than happy it lasted that long!  I loved it so much I replaced it with a 7th Generation 160GB which I am currently reviewing.  The 7th Generation classic is nearly identical to the 5th except that it is thinner.  It has the same basic features. 

The main reason I chose the IPod 7th Generation is CAPACITY!   This model can hold thousands of music, video, photo, podcast files etc. And still lots of room. 

Sure the clicker wheel looks "old school" to some, but I can easily control the device with one hand, without even looking at it.  I don't want bells & whistles and hoops to jump through when all I want is to quickly get to my playlist.

Capacity varies on size of file: 
Apple claims the iPod 7the Generation classic can hold up to 40,000, 25,000 photos and 200 hours of video, however this will depend solely on the type and size of your files.  Typically the higher the sound quality/resolution etc, the more space it will take up.  If you have limited hard drive space on your computer, or want to maximize the space on your iPod import your CD's as lossless files.

Apple's lossless encoder (aka as ALE/ALAC) does a fine job.  It converts a .wav file to half it's size while keeping the sound quality.  Keep in mind you should import your music at the highest quality as you can always compress downward, but not vice versa.  About ¾ of my music files came directly from a CD the rest from other sources.  Using Apple lossless should satisfy all ears.   

Where do I get my music & videos for my iPod? 
The free "peer-to-peer" services such as Limewire and its successor Frostwire are under court order to stop distributing music.  There are others out there.  You use these services at your own risk.

Another fast growing source is YouTube.  You can find audio/ music videos/movie clips  that can't be found anywhere else.  There are free online converters that convert any YouTube video for use on your iPod or computer.  You can also cut the video and just keep the audio portion during conversion.   There is huge controversy if it's legal or not, but until a clear decision is made, it's a gray area.

Since I rip the tags off my pillows and mattresses without the blink of an eye,  you can ascertain where I stand on this issue.   

Apple iTunes is another source to buy music/video etc for your iPod.  Keep in mind that you don't automatically get a top quality music file just because you paid for it.  I've downloaded a few songs from iTunes that had horrible sound quality.  I have had great luck with downloading music from Amazon.com at the same price.
Playback options for iPod: 
You can obviously listen to your iPod via the earbuds supplied, but will need a sound dock or some type of MP3 external player if you want to listen externally.  Some MP3 players will only allow the audio to playback and not the video.  Check with the manufacturer.  If you want to listen through a home stereo or through your automobile, you need to purchase a separate AUX cable that has two male jacks.  They are very inexpensive.

A great feature is to get a sound dock that also charges your iPod.  Otherwise you will have to charge via an optional charger accessory or your computer.  I have a BOSE portable sound dock which I love, and a Sony Dream machine clock radio with a dock. 

Many newer cars have an AUX outlet to plug your iPod into.  Older model cars with decent stereos can have after-market components installed for under $200 to play iPods/MP3 players.  It may be a bit pricey, but if you commute and love your music...this is the way to go!  The wireless systems didn't work well at all for

Can't live without this iPod~
What can I say?  I love this iPod.  It goes everywhere.  Because of its large capacity, I can download movies and cartoons so my child has something to watch if we're out and about.  If I get stuck in line at the grocery store, I can watch a podcast on how to prepare a 5-course holiday meal, or listen to a podcast on meditation.  The choices for download are immense and this iPod can handle it.

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