Gerber Nuk Three Pack Forks: Good Forks For Little Hands!

Mar 24, 2011
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Pros:Dishwasher safe, three per pack, blunted for safety


The Bottom Line: These are just about the only forks that my children use.  I think they are great for toddlers and preschoolers!

I have three small children in my house.  The oldest is almost four, and the younger two will be two years old in June.  They all use forks and spoons.  Over the years, I have found that it is better for children to have their own flatware sets.  Sometimes, even the smaller salad forks in a standard flatware collection are too big for small children. 

My favorite flatware for children is from Gerber/Nuk.  Each package comes with three forks.   Each of the three forks has a colorful plastic handle, and there are several different color schemes to choose from.  All three of the forks in the package will look the same.   The handle is quite chunky, which makes it easy for small hands to grab. 

The tines of the fork are metal, but because this is a child's fork, the tines are also blunted for safety.  However, this does not appear to affect the fork's ability to spear food. 

My girls are able to feed themselves and pick up food with the forks.  With my younger two, we introduced these forks as soon as they transitioned to table food, and they slowly started to use the forks for self-feeding rather than their hands.  They are definitely great for toddlers. 

My three girls use these forks at most meals, so two or three times a day.  They go right in the dishwasher when they are dirty, and they hold up well.  

We probably have 9-12 of these forks.  I purchased these forks at Target for about $3.99 for the three pack.  What a great price!  Some of the forks say "Gerber" and some of them say "Nuk" but they are all the same. 

I highly recommend the Gerber Nuk forks.  They are great for small children who might not be ready for sharper forks.  The chunky handle makes it easy to grip, and the tines are blunted for safety.   If you are interested in spoons rather than forks, Gerber/Nuk also has three packs of spoons for the same price. 

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