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Mar 26, 2011
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We started out with a new Kenmore(LG version). We actually went through two of them because each of them sounded like a hair dryer when the compressor kicked on. They were louder than the furnace. Enter the Samsung.

This is a quality product! It seems to be well built, and is extremely quiet. The power freeze and cool features work well. It does hold a lot, but it is not perfect. It lacks some features that just make life a bit easier. But, that said, I'll take quality over little features any day. It just needs some refinements: more storage arrangements on the left door, clear fronts on the door compartments so you can see small items, slide-out and drop down shelving features. Bottom freezers are somewhat inconvenient because it is basically a big box, and finding things can be more difficult. But we've adapted.

Did I mention how quiet it is...

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