Quality Look is Misleading

Mar 26, 2011
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Pros:Metal casing. Quality look. 1 year warranty.

Cons:Unreliable exactly like other cheap DVDs. Limited to 480p via component connectors.

The Bottom Line: Buy it only if looks is more important to you than functionality.

I chose the Sony DVP-SR500H ($60) over the Memorex MVD2047 because I believed that Sony brand will provide me with at least 1 year of service vs. the few months that is the "typical standard" nowadays with cheap DVD players. The Sony costs 50% more but it's really only $20 more.

The metal casing (and the batteries included!) made very good initial impression on me. However... When I inserted the first DVD to watch, the Sony DVP-SR500H **froze** and refused to even eject the rented DVD. I ended up having to unplug the Sony DVP-SR500H from 110V power in order to "reset" its behavior. I managed to eventually watch the movie, but the disappointment was already there: I know that non-brand DVD players are supposed to behave erratically like that, but I didn't expect it from Sony.

Also, note that the upconversion is available through the HDMI output only! That is, if you have a system/project that only accepts component connectors, you can only go up to 480p! This is a serious limitation and one wonders why pay $60 for functionality that you can receive from a $30 Curtis DVD1041.

I actually watched only one movie with this player, then decided to return it to the store from which I bought it (K-Mart).

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