Bose Companion 2 Series II

Mar 27, 2011 (Updated Mar 27, 2011)
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Great sound. Very clear compared to my old speakers. The base isn't too strong, but good enough for this size. Went to see the demo speakers in the stores, none had an off switch, but when I bought it, there is - just turn the volume all the way down and it 'clicks' to turn off. There's even 'Off' written by the '-' side. Might have been added in the 2011 version? There's no 'on' light, but some may like that if it gets in the way of a movie or something. I'd rather have a light, so I know if I left it on by mistake and to turn it off. These speakers feel solid. Built well. They look plain/natural, but that's exactly what I want, speakers that look serious about sound. They have a good heft to it, and are angled quite nicely, both on the top and front of the speaker.

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