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Ziploc Divided Rectangle Container

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It's Not Exactly A Bento Box But It Is An Awesome Way To Serve Lunch!

Mar 29, 2011
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Pros:Three compartments, solid plastic, two per pack, dishwasher and microwave safe.

Cons:Can be expensive, freezing can warp lids.

The Bottom Line: Picky eaters? Food purists? Bento lovers? This might not solve all your problems but it is an awesome container.

I am sure most people have a cabinet packed with plastic food storage containers. You know, the one you dread opening because you never know what is going to fall out not to mention the amount of time you are going to have to spend trying to find matching pieces. I have a cabinet like that. I also have a brand new Ultra Latch Seal Sterilite tote on top of the refrigerator for my containers. The ones I use for my salads, sugar free gelatin and when I cook in bulk and make meals for the week. My containers are not stained, they are all neatly nest and stacked and everyone knows that they are completely off limits. I saw the three compartment food containers at Target several times but always passed on them. I need something larger than that for meals but on my last trip I caved in and bought two packages. I love bento boxes and having food separated, something I passed along to the brood. While these are not even close to being called a bento, they are nice if you have foods you want to keep separated.

The three compartments are decent sizes; the largest has a 22 ounce capacity and the other two are six and four ounces. Those are perfect for sides or desserts as well as for ketchup or dipping sauces. The lid fit snuggly on them and stay put even if it gets bumped around but I wouldn't put anything like soup in this because you are just asking for an accident to happen. Ziploc really pimps the "100 calorie" trend with this divided container. Per the package it states "perfect for 100 calorie side portions". Nice idea but hard to stick to when you are making the meals or packing things up. The cardboard sleeve they are packaged in shows the largest compartment holding a salad. Again, great idea but not practical because you really have to cram it in there to get something that is going to hold you over or be enough for lunch. These are nice if you are splitting up a salad and have olives, cucumber slices, tomatoes or other 'wet' items that you don't want in the salad mix until you are ready to eat it. Nothing sucks like a soggy salad so the side slots are a nice way to pack things that would otherwise weigh down or soggify your salad.

The containers can be microwaved as well as put in the dishwasher but I prefer to hand wash them so I know they are 100% clean. You can freeze foods in these but in the past I have never had good luck with the lids surviving the process. After a couple of trips into the deep freeze the lids never seemed to have the same locking power. If this performs like other Ziploc plastic containers it will have about a year of service. While they are well made they are not something that is going to be around forever – especially if it gets used three or four times a week. I got these for a little over two dollars at Target but they are sold almost everywhere that you would find outer Ziploc products. Grocery stores have the highest prices so avoid getting them there unless they are on sale or you have a great coupon for them. For the price this was a steal because I love being able to divide up my food so it stays 'clean' and it’s a must have if you love salads but don't want soggy croutons.

These are a nice pick for kids lunches too. You can write their name on the lid or use a piece of masking tape and write their name on that instead of on the plastic. There's less of a chance of them doing the "lunch swap" at school and the containers can be used over and over so it’s a smarter more eco-friendly pick than plastic lunch bags. I wish Ziploc would make a two compartment container; maybe they have one and I haven't seen it anywhere. For the price I am glad I got two packs of these but only time will tell on how long they will last. The plastic is strong so I don't think I am going to have an issue with the corners cracking but this is something that you need to check each time you wash it. You don’t want to have to find out the hard way that there is a crack on a corner or the lid has become warped. If you are looking for a way to pack up a lunch or dinner and keep it separated this is one of the best plastic containers I have come across in a long time.

Be sure to clip out the Boxtops For Education coupon on the bottom of the package. If your school doesn't have this program you need to check in to getting them signed up for it. It is a great way to earn extra money for supplies and trust me, those little buggers add up fast!

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