Lego Star Wars Clone Troopers Battle Pack

Mar 31, 2011
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Pros:fighters, different weapons, good for add on

Cons:Not much as a stand alone set, but enough for some play.

The Bottom Line: This is a good set to add on to a Star Wars collection, or it makes a small set that is easy to travel with.

My middle child is at the point where he is starting to out grow Legos but he still enjoys putting them together.  He also really likes Star Wars so he has decided that he is going to collect Star Wars Lego sets. One of the sets in his collection is the Lego Star Wars Cone Troopers Battle Pack. 

Lego Star Wars Clone Troopers Battle Pack

The Lego Star Wars Clone Troopers Battle Pack set comes with the Barc Speeder which is a long small fighter ship.  It also comes with 4 different fighters: 2 bomb squad storm troopers, 1 ARF clone trooper, and one commander clone trooper.   The set also comes with 5 different weapons.  I am not sure why that is since there are only 4 troopers, but that is what is there.  The cannon turret on the Barc Speeder is movable. 

There is not really a lot of assembly to be done with this set.  You can interchange the weapons, and do a coupe of things to the Barc Speeder, but that is pretty much it.  The troopers are already fully formed.

The Trooper's legs and arms move a bit and their painting details are pretty good. 

This set is very reasonably priced at $11.99, that is really great because other Lego sets can be really pricy.  Of coure this is more of an add on set then it is a main set, but still I appreciate the nice low price. 

Thoughts and Experience

My son found this set to be kind of boring for himself, as there was little assembly required for him, but he does enjoy this as an add on set to go with other Star Wars sets, since it comes with figures it is a nice set to play with as there are enough guys to battle and they can switch up weapons. 

All in itself it is not a fantastic set nor is it a great set for displaying, but it is an excellent set for expanding on the Star Wars Lego play experience and placed in the right way for a display of Star Wars toys.  It can also be played with all on it's own since there are enough fighters to do so. 

This is a decent set for Star Wars fans, not amazing or anything but decent.

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