Constantly disconnects.

Apr 16, 2011
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Cons:Constant disconnects.
Annoying interface.

The Bottom Line: Do not buy this product. It disconnects constantly and has an annoying interface.

Five years ago, I purchased a D-Link router. I had numerous disconnects from my ISP, Bellsouth, (My ISP does not require a modem) which I blamed on Bellsouth. The router failed and I replaced it with a Linksys and my problems disappeared. Obviously the problem was the D-Link Router.

A short time ago, I mistakenly purchased this product. It operated okay for about a week, or it may be that I was not online during the disconnects and did not notice them. One evening the router disconnected, After about four minutes I was able to reconnect. Within a few minutes it disconnected again. It continued for an entire day. I called customer service, but no one seemed to know how to correct the problem so the technician had me check numerous settings, and search for a firmware update. None of these actions solved the problem so boxed up the router and returned it to the store where I bough a Linksys.

Apparently this is an ongoing problem with D-Link that has never been resolved.

My second complaint is the interface. When making changes to settings, one must save them, and then for some annoying reason after the update is finished, an OK button shows up which you must click on. If you save your settings and walk away or navigate away from the setup page, your router will hang in limbo for all eternity waiting for the OK to reconnect. Complete lunacy.

Save yourself some aggravation, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!

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