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Table-Mate I - The Original

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Table-Mate I - The Original - An Updated, Versatile Version of the Old "TV Tray"

Apr 19, 2011 (Updated Apr 22, 2011)
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Pros:Versatile, sturdy, slides easily on carpeting, comfortable seating

Cons:Pricey BUT will last a long time.  Not all merchants carry all sizes and colors.

The Bottom Line: The tables are unique, versatile, sturdy and have a lot more leg room than the "old-style" tray tables. 

Bet you can't buy just one!  Thank you for reading!


Our metal tray tables (TV trays) had begun to rust and bend.  In the past, we either bought a new set or combed the garage sales for a used set of trays.  After the metal trays were no longer in production, they became harder and harder to find, until finally the supply of used metal TV trays was virtually exhausted.


In the early 1950s, black-and-white television sets made their appearance in American households and were quickly followed by the TV tray and the TV dinner. 

A wooden version of the metal table succeeded the original tray table a couple of decades later; but it was expensive, the table top was flat rather than recessed, (ineffective for catching spilled food or drink but very popular with pets); and the area under the table and between the legs was more cramped.  The legs were positioned in such a way that the table was not stable; and it was necessary to sit with your feet flat on the floor and close to you to avoid hitting one of the legs or cross braces and tipping the table.


After several hours of searching the Internet, I found the website.  I was intrigued.  Pictured was a portable table totally different in design from any other tray table I had seen on line or in catalogs; and it looked like a perfect solution for our table needs.

There are several size options for the Table-Mate Tables; and I chose two of the Table-Mate I – Original which, at that time, was the table with the largest surface area.  The only color available at that time was white.  I followed that order up with two more tables several years later in the new color, Light Oak wood grain. 

Since you are not able to view the picture, please copy and paste the following links to your browser which will take you to pictures on the manufacturer's website:

White Table-Mate I - Original

Light Oak Wood Grain Table-Mate I - Original

We call our Family Room the "Florida Room" which contains a couple of pieces of white wicker furniture.  The White Table-Mate Tables match the decor fairly well.  My husband eats his meals on one table; and the other one is used as a side table next to his recliner.  The two Light Oak wood grain tables are in the Living Room and alternate as meal trays and "work" trays for bill paying, etc.


The Tables have a  polypropylene top and a painted steel base that is constructed in such a way that the table can be easily slid on a carpeted surface.  To assemble, you simply push the pieces together and then adjust to the height and angle that you desire.  There are no tools required.  There are three angle adjustments, (one up and two down), and five height adjustments.  The table top can be collapsed and several tables stored next to each other or they can be completely folded for storage under a bed, couch or in a closet. 


The table top is a generous 19.75” x 25.5”; and the distance between the legs is 23”.  The table has no traditional legs or cross braces to get in the way of comfortable seating.  Maximum weight capacity is 50 lbs.  Personally, I would never take a chance on putting a heavy, expensive piece of electronics such as a television set on one of these tables.


There are at least a dozen uses for a Table-Mate Table other than using it for a meal tray.  If you are a household with limited space, it can be used as a desk, a table for sewing, for arts and crafts, puzzles, board games, model building, a serving table and more.  If you’re working on a project and company drops by unexpectedly, the Table-Mate can be slid easily into another room.  If you have a teen that’s off to college and has limited space, this would be a good option for a dorm room. 


Table-Mate I – Original

As of this date, 4/19/11, White is out-of-stock on the website.  They show availability of Light Oak and Dark Walnut for $49.95 plus $14.95 shipping for each unit to Canada and the Continental United States.  The White Table is usually $10.00 less than the wood grain options.  Check the Table-Mate website for complete information on all tables that they manufacture.  There's even a Table-Mate 4 Kids.

***Tip*** Some of these tables are available on and other merchants on line.  You may be able to find less expensive pricing and shipping charges; however, not all sizes and colors are available at all merchants.  These tables are pricey; but they will last a long, long time.

CONTACT INFORMATION, Ino-Products, Inc., Toronto, Canada, 1-800-518-7209 or e-mail mail: with any questions that you may have.

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