Bloggie: worthwhile or worthless

May 3, 2011
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Pros:Easy to use. 
Plug and Play.

Cons:Rudimentary Editing Software
Unable to Burn to DVD using in box Software
Grainy Picture

The Bottom Line: If you want an easy camera to share your videos on the internet, this is the camera for you.  For anything else, you may wish to try a different model.

Today, consumers want plug and play devices that allow the user to quickly and efficiently use their items without reading even one page of the User's Manual.

Sony's Bloggie Dup Pocket Camcorder is one of those plug and play devices that anyone can use.  With two buttons, the consumers can turn on and begin taping the events in their lives that they wish to remember.  The display and few features that this camera hold make it a reliable camcorder.

My family bought this camera because it was easy to use.  Something that everyone in my family, no matter the age, could take and capture the families memories.

However, once we finished making sure those priceless memories are recorded, editing and saving the movies to discs became almost impossible with the software that comes included with the camera.  Editing beyond the rudimentary and burning to a DVD is not going to happen. 

The Bloggie software assumes that you want to share thexe memories with hundred, if not thousands of other people through Facebook, Flickr, and youtube.  Although this function is wonderful for those funny, stupid pet trick videos, family vacation videos and the like will probably be relocated to larger, more powerful machines.

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