Black & Decker PHV1810 Bagless Handheld Vacuum

May 5, 2011
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Pros:Compact, holds a charge, cleans well.

Cons:None noted.

The Bottom Line: Everyone should have a good handheld vacuum and this one meets the criteria of a good value and use

Last month I received a great gift from Epinions.  It's the Black & Decker PHV1810 Bagless Handheld Vacuum.  I was delighted to get it and to try it out.

This is a handheld vacuum that has 18 volts of power.  It is cordless which makes it wonderful for me.  I get tired of plugging and unplugging cords when I am trying to work especially outside cleaning the cars.  The battery is rechargeable and there is an LED light that comes on when charging.

The tools are onboard so you don't have to wonder where you place something when it's time to use the vacuum.  There is an onboard brush and an extendable crevice tool.   Inside you will find the dirt cup and pre-filter and filter.  All of these are washable so when you turn it on, you don't have to worry about an abusive smell coming from the inside like what happens with a shop vac.  The vacuum is foldable so you can use less space storing the Vacuum.  The charger is wall mountable so you don't have to take up a corner of a room to charge your new Vacuum.  Make sure you charge overnight or you won't have a full charge for the job at hand.

I was wondering if the Black & Decker PHV1810 Bagless Handheld Vacuum would hold a charge long enough to clean a Suburban and it does.  You are able to get into the places that you can't get with a regular vacuum like between the seat and back of the seat to get the crumbs and dust out and down the sides of the seat that are near the car interior. 

Inside I use it to clean the furniture, and those little areas that you can't get a regular vacuum in, like the louver doors.  I won't have to clean those much longer because they are being replaced.

When cleaning the crown molding, the brush does a great job and I don't have to climb up on a ladder with a dust rag in my hand, just the vacuum.

The weight of the Black & Decker PHV1810 Bagless Handheld Vacuum is heavier than the dust buster, but it also works better than the dust buster getting rid of the crud. 

Cleaning of the Black & Decker PHV1810 Bagless Handheld Vacuum couldn't be easier.  There is button that you push that releases a section so that you can dump the dirt.  You can actually see the dirt in the vac so you won't the problem of it over filling the cup causing a bigger mess.

There is a latch that you release the filters.  There is a ring that holds the filters in place and you remove that so you can wash the filters. Once clean, it's ready to go again.  I do clean the Black & Decker PHV1810 Bagless Handheld Vacuum after every use.  I don't want to have to do that before use because cleaning isn't my favorite sport and I want everything ready to go for the next round.

I love the way the vacuum folds back on itself for storage where a lot of the handhelds don't. 

If you need new filters they can be found on the Black & Decker site or Amazon and a new battery can be purchased from Black & Decker for $76.00. 

If you want plenty of power to clean in spaces that can't be reached by a regular Vacuum, then the Black & Decker Pivot Vac 18V Cordless Pivoting Hand Vac.  I am very happy with this gift from Epinions for my participation in the 10 for 10 write off.

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