I almost bought it unseen based on other reviews

May 20, 2011
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Pros:Quieter than my old fridge, less energy consumption, a couple inches smaller to fit nicely.

Cons:Ice dropping hole slightly large for my glasses (minorprob). Plastic vegebins will crack one day.

The Bottom Line: Low energy use, small enough to fit, very well designed, quieter than my old one.

It was on display at homedepot. I first saw it at homedepot.ca. $1000 Cdn.

This Maytag fridge is quieter than my 17 year old Moffat.
It does make a minor clunk when it shuts off. That's ok.

It seems to cycle off/on more often with shorter cycles than my old fridge (maybe because it is too empty, so far).

I bought it because it was the smallest one I could find with an icemaker at a good price and good efficiency (just one or two inches off outside width and depth compared to others). Big is not better, for me.

I like the 537 KwH/year rating compared to 835 KwH/year old fridge.

I built a solar defroster circuit to time my fridge defrosts when the sun is powering my panels. I like that I can replace the defroster board in this model with my own circut. I did read some Maytags have unreliable adaptive defrost boards. It looks easy to replace anyway.

The food bins are plastic and likely will crack if overloaded like I did to my old fridge. I like that the mounting rails are a molded shape in the walls of the fridge so I can likely repair the bins as the rails likely won't fail.

It is very bright inside. I like the new large door bins and thus smaller main shelves compared to my old fridge.

The butter keeper has a clear cover so I can see what I put in there.

The right fridge has glass shelves. The left freeze is wire shelves. I prefer wire because it has less surface to collect dirt.

The fridge side shelves have selectable slot heights and so do the door shelves.

The ice/water buttons and mechanism is better than I expected and have a solid click to them and should last.

Leveling screws were easy to access and set.

I am happy with my choice. I could have bought it unseen.

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