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First time Depo shot

May 20, 2011 (Updated May 20, 2011)
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Pros:-only 1 shot every 12 weeks

Cons:-Shot hurts like Crap!
-sorness for days

The Bottom Line: I recommend it so far. I havent gone crazy yet.

I received my FIRST Depo shot yesterday after having so much trouble with the pill. I was on the pill for about 2 years and had to keep switching to different ones because they made me absolutely CRAZY! The doctor said the pills have Estrogen and Progestin both in them, and thats probly why I was sick with them all the time. However, the shot ONLY has Progestin. She told me that Progestin is a more "laid back" hormone than Estrogen. So I decided I would try the shot.

I am TERRIBLE when it comes to shots, and I pass out and get extremely nauseus. But I did it anyway. The needle is HUGE, but it really didnt hurt when she gave me the shot, but about 2 minutes later it started hurting reallllllyyyy bad. I got up and almost passed out....I ended up having to sit down for about 15 minutes before I left the clinic. Today, my arm is extremely sore, but you also have the choice of getting it in your hip. If your good with shots, then you will be fine.

As far as how Im feeling, its only the second day. A major complaint they said about the shot is weight gain (or increase of appetite) however I am actually feeling a decrease in appetite. It effects everyone different. Im hoping the shot works out for me, and am EXTREMELY happy I dont have to remember to take pills everyday. And the shot is about the same price as the pills, so it works out good. You only have to get 1 shot every 12 weeks also.

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