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May 27, 2011
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Pros:Good quality copierNice clean picturesPretty easy to usePrints quickly

Cons:Doesn't connect to my wirelessOnly prints smaller sizes of paperScans are a little grainy

The Bottom Line: Overall this is a good printer that will meet your basic needs with the perk of doubling as a copier

I got this printer about a year ago maybe less after having an ancient printer that simply didn't connect to the computer anymore. It seems that I always am having problems with printers and although this one seemed to work smoothly at first eventually the wireless capabilities simple stopped connecting to one of my Mac laptops. Now I have to go plug in the computer to  print things, it's a slight inconvenience but I have to go and get it from the printer so it's not too big of a deal.
 I am very impressed with the copier though, and its ability to print pictures. The copier prints just as good as any of the huge ones I have used at Kinko's etc. An the pictures I have printed have good color and sharpness, they are not smudged or blurry.
The menu screen is very easy to navigate with the buttons and the printer is simply easy to use. Also it prints all fonts! which I know some printers don't. I just wish you could print on more sizes of paper.
So other than the few minor issues with the wireless connection I think this printer is good and the copier/scanner/faxer is nice and convenient. Very good for the price!

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