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May 31, 2011
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Pros:Only $10, long wire/cord

Cons:These aren't good for more than the casual user, I'm sure.

The Bottom Line: For a basic set of earbuds at $10 these work fine-the long cord is bonus. There's nothing special about them however-if you like a little luxury, keep shopping.

I of course broke my ear buds to my iPod about 36 hours before we were to leave on vacation for 8 days. Luckily I had already planned a trip to a nearby ‘has it all store' for last minute odds and ends, so I went through the aisle of earphones and various portable music device accessories. I admit, I don't feel the need to spend a lot of money on fancy ear-hooking or bass-thumping sound pieces for a iPod that I really only use for travel, at the gym and occasionally at work. That said, I ignored everything over $15 (and under $8, I am not that cheap!) and went through the remaining brands. Comparing price, size, apparent comfort based on shape and basic appearance (because I like them to look simple, no décor) I wound up selecting the Sony Stereo Headphones MDR-E9LP for $9.99.

The packaging was slim, and once opening it I found some basic product information, a warrantee (90 day limited), and little sponge covers for the earbuds. The product information indicated that they were in case a bit of fit adjustment was needed. After the first time I put the buds in my ears, I slipped the sponge pieces on for comfort, but I did notice that they stayed more firm in my ears with that little extra bulk. The buds are marked ‘L' and ‘R' which makes sense because they are shaped in a sort of softly-pointed-on-one-end-oval, presumably to fit better into each ear.

The one thing that I noticed about the Sony Stereo Headphones MDR-E9LP is that the cord is much longer than my previous pair (not of the same brand and style). About a foot and a half from my ear to where they converged, and then another 2 ½ feet to where the plug was located. I appreciated this especially at the gym because I could accidently catch my hand on it occasionally and it was slack enough not to send my iPod flying across the treadmills (um, not that I have ever done this, of course). One other note-the spot where the right and left wire converged does not move, a convenience I had been used to with previous sets of earphones.

The sound is more than adequate, but again I don't use my iPod in many situations where I search for every nuance of the music. They're not at all background canceling, and I hardly ever put the volume up high enough that I would notice any missing ‘bits' of song. They're evenly matched and don't get too muffled when I dig them firmly into my ears.

I think it's a bit too early to determine if I would buy another pair-it's only been a few weeks and I certainly hope that they last me long enough for that decision to be far off, but I must say for ten bucks I am satisfied. I noticed when I was selecting mine that they were available in a multitude of colors (I didn't get that fancy) which is a nice perk if someone want to match their device. Perhaps next time I will get a color, but for now I am perfectly happy with my serviceable and comfortable Sony Stereo Headphones MDR-E9LP.

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