Eulogy to Dad (The Father in Law)

Aug 29, 2011

The Bottom Line Family is always important, no matter what!  Faith is very important also.

My Eulogy to my beloved Father in law.  I read this at his funeral through tears of joy and sorrow.  I was honored to have been his daughter in law.


In my life there have been three very important men.  My husband, my father, (who died December 25, 2011) and my father-in-law.  To me they are or were great men.  Men that I can or could trust.  Men that make or made me smile and laugh.  Men who believe or believed in one true God.  Men who are or were men of great valor.  "There is a bench in my heart that my father, my grandparents and now my father in law sit's on.  This bench will stay close to my heart until I die.   

My father in law was a man who loved his wife and kids tremendously.  I asked him a few weeks ago what his most favorite memory was.  He told me when he got home from the sea and his wife was there, when he held her in his arms.  He said there was no other feeling in the world like it.  He said that when he felt the arms of their small son go around him that was the 2nd best feeling. 

My father in law was a man of honor, honesty, smiles, laughter, seriousness, hard worker, golfer, fisherman, hunter and bowler.  He was a man who would say something to you and you would find yourself wondering if he was serious or was he joking.  It took me several years to understand he was only joking.  He was also a man of a few choice words as most of us know.  And through it all he loved God, his family and his friends.  Along with my husband, or my father, dad (as we all call him) would give you the shirt off his back.  

The bible teaches us that you can tell what kind of a man a real man becomes by his friends.  Meaning that a good Godly man will have friends in his life that his wife and children and their families can depend on as well.  Over the last few weeks of dad’s life I witnessed such people coming to visit.

Dad had an array of friends that my husband, my mother in law, my brother in law and sister in law, and my niece and nephew and my stepson and even myself could call upon day or night and without question they would come.  These are the kind of friends God wants us to have in our life.  These are the kinds of friends that mankind should seek.  

Dad told me that he had made peace with God.  Making peace with God does not means that a man is saved though.  A man can only have true peace with God if he believes in God, believes that Gods only Son was Jesus Christ, born of a virgin, who lived and died for our sins.  I asked dad if he believed that.  He told me that yes he did.  So, in that, I know that my father in law is in a better place, in my beliefs.

Dad served his country many years ago and now, ironically he has died for his country.  The 23 psalms says "yah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for thy art with me, thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me." That is because with God there is no evil and there is no fear.  Dad may have used those many choice words in his life time, but he loved God and he believed in God and His Son.  What more could a family have asked for.  I don't think there is anything else for them to ask for.  

I told dad before he died that when he got to heaven my daddy would be waiting for him and they could go fishing together on Lake God.  He laughed and said to me and " my daddy too."  I know that I personally will see dad and my daddy again because of theirs and mine salvation.   I know that my husband will see his father again too.  If you don't have salvation then you will be somewhere else when you die.  I am certain that there will be people you know down there, but as for me and three of the most important men in my life, my father, my father in law, and one day my husband and I we will all fish together on Lake God.  

My father in law passed away August 18, 2011 at 6:05 p.m. after a long battle of cancer while I was singing Amazing Grace to him and stroking his head and telling him it was okay to go.  The very last words he said were too me the Wednesday before he passed.  I had flown back up to Ohio and when I walked through the door of the house my breath was taken away because I didn’t expect to see dad in that kind of shape.  My husband had told me that dad had jumped off a cliff, but, there was nothing that could have prepared me for what I saw.  I told him I loved him and he told me back that he loved me and I told him that I missed him and he told me back that he had missed me too.  

Right before he died (while I was singing to him) he opened his eyes really wide (he had not opened his eyes for 4 days at this point) and smiled a very big smile and was gone.  Just like that!  He had to have seen the face of Jesus because only Jesus could bring such a smile to a man on his way out of this earth.  

No need to say rest in peace Bob, because he is. There is only peace for the saved.  The unsaved will never have peace and that is really sad, again, according to my own beliefs in one true God.  Each person in this world has to find their own way or type of religion.  I have found mine as a Christian.

Good bye for now dad.  We all love you and Dad; you truly were a great man in my life. 

Loosing my own father just 8 months before makes loosing dad even harder.  I have left stricked intructions with both my husbands mother and mine, that they are not to get sick in any way, shape or form or even think about dying any time soon!  Just saying.
I hope that this has helped in some kind of way.

God Bless.

Copytight LKD 2011

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