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Jun 28, 2011
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Pros:Lightweight and easy to install.


The Bottom Line: If you are tired running wires then purchase one of these speakers from Logitech.

Have you ever went to an internet site and wanted to order something and just when you are ready to check out they talk you into purchasing something else. Well this is what happened to me, I was calling them to order an adapter for the car and a 6 cell battery for my net book and instead Dell talked me into purchasing a new wireless speaker for my net book along with the other things that I ordered. This speaker is made by the Logitech company and the model number is Z515, I know that this is probably a lot cheaper if you were to go to Best Buy, but I was on the phone and they caught me by surprise. This ran $100.00 from Dell, but I have seen this wireless speaker after the fact at Best Buy for only $70.00.
This has two speakers located behind a wire mesh to protect them from getting damaged. It is black in color and only weighs 1 pound 5.2 ounces and the dimensions are (side to side) 10” x 4.5” (top to bottom) x 2” (front to back). This uses a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, and if it no longer holds a charge you will definitely have to replace this with same type. This is not like the normal batteries, this one has a three pin wire connector on the end, just like batteries in the cordless phones that you may have around the house does. There is a big door on the back that will act as a stand when you open it, and this is also the battery cover. You can also store the USB wireless adapter in here when not in use.

On the front you will see two LED indicator lights, one will tell you power/battery-life, the other will tell you if the wireless connection is connected. On the right side you will see two input connections, one of which will be for 3.5 mm auxiliary input, and the other is the power input. Located at the top and recessed in a little is the power on/off switch, and the volume up/down buttons. When you open the back it will act as a stand for you, this is where you will see the wireless adapter and the storage spot for the wireless adapter.

This also comes equipped with a wireless USB adapter, that will work with any laptop or desktop, but mostly this is excellent for the net book series pc. This also comes with a 6’ ac power adapter and a vinyl carrying case.
From the first time that you plug this in you note book it will automatically be detected and start to work as long as you have music loaded onto your net book. The first thing that you do have to do before you start to use this, and this is to make sure that all of your other music applications are shut down because this speaker will be disabled and not work. I found that you will not be able to hear anything if you have another device is hooked up. You can hook this up to other devices and this will disable all of your other ones, but the minute that you disconnect the device the wireless connection will re-establish the connection. You will be able to tell if you have a connection by the little LED lights on the USB adapter and on the speaker.

This speaker has certain charging and discharging indicators and for the discharging indicator you should see a solid green light means 50 - 100% battery life. A solid orange light means 10 - <50% battery life. A solid red light means <10% battery life left. A no light means either the speaker is turned off or the battery is totally dead and needs recharging or replacing.

The charging indicator light that is a solid green in color means that the battery is fully charged. A pulsating green light means that the battery is only 50 - <100% charged. A pulsating orange light means that the battery is only 10 - <50% charged. If you get a pulsating red light it means that your battery is only <10% charged.

I also noticed that there are three lights that will flash on the USB adapter if there is something wrong, if there is nothing wrong you will get a solid green light that is located in the USB adapter. A flashing green light will tell you that the USB is searching for a connection between the speaker and the adapter. If you get no light at all this will tell you that you are out of range and need to move the speaker closer to the adapter to get a connection.

In order to turn this all the way off so you are not absorbing any power, just turning the unit off will only shut the speaker down the ac adapter will still charge the battery that is inside of the speaker. The nice thing about this feature is that it will automatically shut off after it is fully charged.

If you want to hook this speaker to your ipod or iphone, all you need to do is pull the USB adapter out of its spot and hold the up and down volume buttons down simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds, this is when you should see a blinking green light. Then turn on your ipod or iphone, then select settings, then the general icon, then select the Bluetooth menu and make sure that the Bluetooth is turned on. Once this is done then connect the device to the speaker and hit the pair button. This is when it should show you that you are now connected. You will only be able to hook up to one device at a time. Each time that you loose a connection you will to start all over again. This speaker will automatically connect to the previous device that it was paired too.

This hooked automatically and has an excellent sound quality. If you go out of range the speaker will crackle and you will need to come closer to the home device. There is no static and you will only here great clear sound quality. There is only about a 50’ radius for clear quality. This only goes up so loud, but when you have nothing it will bring beautiful music to your ears. This will allow you to set this up to the other side of the room without running any wires. With this having a battery also gives you a lot of freedom, and by not having to have an outlet nearby this is a great additional feature. This offers a plug and play wireless option, and it also has a very rich stereo sound quality. The most important thing comes equipped with a 10 hour rechargeable battery.
I hope that you get as much enjoyment out of this speaker as we have. We bought this by accident and now we don’t want it to ever to break down. So, yes sometimes accidents are a blessing. If I would have never called Dell, I would have never even given this speaker a thought but now that we have this at home it is great and we can have music in the other rooms as long as we do not go out of range. 5 stars for sound and clarity, and 5 stars for maneuverability of this unit. This is also compatible with Windows & Mac OS and comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

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