Rich deep "booming" bass and ultra crisp highs. PHENOMENAL!

Jun 29, 2011 (Updated Jul 1, 2011)
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Pros:BUILD QUALITY.  Solid, perfectly balanced combination of materials. Comfort and high performance.  

Cons:NONE.  Absolutely, none.

The Bottom Line: A very personal investment that pays for itself with each use by delivering a big smile to your face!

I have enjoyed Sennheiser Headphones and earbuds for decades now, and still associate the brand with the most thought out, audiophile tested and approved pinnacle of personal audio.

I just bought a gorgeous 4G Samsung Infuse phone and wanted to upgrade my bluetooth headset as a second present to fully enjoy the abilities of my new phone.  My previous bluetooth stereo headset was a RocketFish behind the neck type.  It had it's own built-in 5 setting equalizer, with which I found a perfect setting and kept it for all music types.

I did extensive research on several popular websites and decided to get these Sennheiser MM-400s.  The reason being that in addition to being in a completely different category of quailty than the RocketFish (more in line with Bose or Beats by Dr. Dre), they also incorporate a built in mic. for receiving phone calls while automatically putting your music on pause and then resuming upon disconnecting from the call.  Not an uncommon feature, but a great addition to premium sounding headphones.  They do not have noise cancellation like the MM 450s, but I didn't need that, as I won't be using them in planes or other noisy enviornments.  I have noticed, however, that ambient noise is almost inaudible while listening to these headphones:  i.e. the TV on in the background or other people having a conversation sounds muffled but not completely blocked while using these headphones.  Take your personal usage of headphones into account when selecting this pair or the MM450s to make sure you get what would work best for you.  The MM450s actually have a feature that uses the external mic. to allow you to hear someone speaking to you without having to take the headset off! 

I think the reason that these headphones sound so realistic and create a spacial separation (seemingly inside your head) of not only different instruments' virtual positioning within the music but also discernably notifiable sonic separation of high and low sounds being completely clear and separate - with a strong midrange - is because of the larger more audiophile satisfing transducers.  I can associate this difference in performance by comparing it to a high megapixel point and shoot camera versus a large glass lens Digital SLR which captures depth, color and detail in a way that no small lens could, especially if it were made of plastic instead of glass.

The amount of padding (2 pieces on the inside of the sturdy metal headband as well as the headphone ear cushions) seems as first glance to be minimal, and would be uncomfortable.  I have worn them for hours at a time, shuffling through all my music to hear my favorites through them, and have found that with proper adjustment of the headband extension feature (which extends out on each side about 1.5 inches) enabled me to find the perfect fit.  The pressure was not uncomfortable at all, and the padding turned out to be just what was needed, not too little as to feel anything but the cushion touch your ear or face, and not too much as to make them wobbly or unstable.  A well thought out fucntion/design element!

A key for my enjoyment of these performers is the use (almost album per album or genre per genre) of the equalizer in my phone, in my case reachable by hitting the menu button while listening to a track and selecting settings and then equalizer.. which opens a menu of about a dozen choices.   It becomes a greater discovery and more personalized experience if you select how you want to "hear" the music, or better yet, how you feel it sounds best to you.

Don't push the volume up to full on either the headset or the phone volume while using these.  I found that about 75% to 80% of maximum on both the headset and the phone is very loud and is sending enough signal and power enabeling the quality drivers of these phones to be almost too loud but I've experienced NO DISTORTION at these settings!

There are reviews on other websites that the blue light, virtually most of the right side of the headset blinks when in a bluetooth connection and can be thought of as distracting to others....well, guess what?  if you insert the cd rom which comes with the headset, it links you via internet to a very thorough users manual in which you can find a way to disable this feature among many other bits of information you may find increase your user personalization/interface with the headset, if desired.

Well, I think I've said enough.  Now it's up to you to take my suggestion and start really enjoying your music, or TV, or home sound system wirelessly and therefore not teathered to anything and free to move about and enjoy your music in motion.

In conclusion, I highly recommend supporting manufacturers of high end products like these so as to reinforce their efforts to enhance, invent or re-invent products for our future enjoyment!

I found a remanufactured set available at time of this review for about 120 dollars plus shipping from

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