Skull Candy Smokin' Buds

Jul 1, 2011 (Updated Jul 1, 2011)
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Pros:Comfortable, noise-cancelling, great quality sound, affordable

Cons:Flat shaped cord

The Bottom Line: A great set of ear buds at an affordable price providing a quality listening experience for everyone

This is the first Skull Candy ear bud product I've bought and I'm very pleased. Typically, I've bought the headphones you wear on top of your head because they usually provide the best bass and overall quality. I picked these up for more convenience in public and their quality is way beyond my expectations.

The Overall Design
A great feature is how the ear buds are made for our comfort. This product comes with interchangeable sizes for the ear bud which makes it perfect for every person's ear no matter the size. I tried the larger buds and they would fall out when I tried to put them in. I switched them out to a smaller size and it felt like it was custom made to my ear. They also help to cancel outside noise from your listening. The cord is flat shaped in the new model (2011) which may cause problems for some people because this makes the cord more prone to bending. If you typically take great care of your headphones, this shouldn't be much of a problem. Some people also tend to push the ear buds too far in their ears and this can cause soreness after listening. Being gentle while putting them in provides the most comfort and sound. When you put them in, it feels like it forms to your ears which helps to cancel noise and allows you to enjoy your music distraction free.

The Quality of Sound
As I stated before, I relied on the big headphones for better quality, but these really provide a great experience as well. I listen to lots of genres of music such as types of metal, rock, and also electronic with heavy bass. I was very surprised by the amazing quality it had when I listened to dub-step and other electronic music. It honestly felt like my ears were vibrating from the bass after turning the volume up a little which is something a lot of ear buds can't provide. These are great quality ear buds free from distortion as well. You can listen to your music on the max volume without distorting your overall sound.

I highly recommend these ear buds to anyone who's looking for a quality listening experience at an affordable price. Skull Candy also has more expensive types of ear buds, but these are more affordable for most people and will satisfy them as well. 

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