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Spic and Span All Purpose Wet Wipes

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An Irritant -- Spic and Span All Purpose Wet Wipes

Jul 11, 2011 (Updated Jul 11, 2011)
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Pros:vertical canister has flip-top lid, wipes are an easy-to-use size, fresh scent

Cons:can cause irritation; lots of product cautions

The Bottom Line: These Spic and Span All Purpose Wet Wipes are okay but have cons.

I enjoy trying different cleaning products, which is how I came to use these Spic and Span All Purpose Wet Wipes.

Description & Cautions

These disposable cleaning wipes come in a vertical plastic container.  The canister has a flip-top opening, and the cloths are designed to pull out through a hole in the top.  Each white sheet measures approximately 8-inches x 7-inches.  There are forty sheets in the container.  The package states these cleaning cloths are designed for all-purpose use and can be applied to the home, office, garage or car.  The package warns not to use this product on painted wood.

The packaging states this product is hazardous to humans and domestic animals.  Cautions include that this product is an eye irritant.  It is recommended that you wash your hands after using these cloths.  Do not flush these wipes down the toilet.  This product contains no phosphorous.

Our Experiences

These Spic and Span All Purpose Wet Wipes were purchased for use in our office.  The canister sits in the kitchen area where everyone has access to it.  The container keeps the cloths moist until they are pulled free.

The good news is that the cloths have a light "fresh" scent.  It doesn't smell like you've used a cleaner.  The scent lingers in the area, too, once the cloth is used.  One of the cautions on the packaging, though, is that if the product is inhaled, seek fresh air.

However, after using these wipes (even after washing my hands a few times using soap), my skin retains a slight tingly sensation from the cleaning solution.  I used one of these in my office area about fifteen minutes ago, and my hands are still slightly red from handling the wipe.  They also dry my skin enough so that I need to use moisturizer.

I find these wipes don't work well on everything.  For instance, when I swiped a fresh cloth over the phone receiver, the moisture left by the cloth took awhile to evaporate.  These cloths are not advertised as containing any sort of bacteria killing agent either.  The phone does look clean, though.

A cloth that had been used for other light cleaning worked very well on my computer keyboard.  I had inherited this keyboard, and who knows how many people had used it.  The keys were grimy.  The Spic and Span wipe did a good job at removing a lot of the grime.  While the keyboard doesn't look new, and some dirt still remains, the keyboard appears much better after the cleaning.

I would not use these for dusting.  The wipes quickly become unusable for other tasks once dust has adhered to the surface.  They did a good job with minor cleanup of desk tops and other office surfaces.


A canister of these wipes sells for about $3.00 at my local stores. lists them for $3.34.


I have used other cleaning wipes that I like better than these Spic and Span All Purpose Wet Wipes.  While they do an okay job, I'm not happy with how these wipes make my hands feel after using them.  The way my hands react after using these cloths, I cannot recommend them.

I hope you found this review useful.

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