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Jul 11, 2011
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Pros:Smooth and QUIET!  Excellent value at a bargain price.

Cons:Does not remove as much water from the laundry as some competing washers

The Bottom Line: Smooth quiet washer at a bargain price.  If you don't need bells and whistles this is a great washer!

Recently my old GE washer finally began to have problems after more than 15 years of service and I decided I needed to buy a new washer before it died completely.  I decided I wanted to spend no more than $800 so I began researching the options, features, and performance of washers in this price range.  Initially I was interested in one of the new front load designs but after reading reviews and talking to friend who have this style of washer I noticed that many people complained of problems with them so I decided I would stick with the tried and true top load style.

My father had managed a Goodyear store for a few years and they sold GE appliances there (in fact that is where my old washer came from) so I was extremely familiar with the GE brand.  One of the things that impressed my father was the fact that GE appliances as a general rule are very durable machines and if they do have problems they are extremely easy to work on.  By contrast a close friend of mine has a Fisher and Paykel washer that is less than 4 years old and which has had numerous problems and repairs have cost her almost as much as the original price of the washer.  In the 15+ years taht I owned my previous GE washer the only repair that I had to make was to replace the switch that turns the washer off when the door is open.  The replacement switch was cheap and anyone with average do it yourself skills would have no problem replacing it themselves. 

Give my experience with GE appliances, the positive reviews I found,  and the recommendations of my friends and family I decided to concentrate my search on a GE washer.  A trip to my local Lowes store revealed 6 different GE washers in stock and about that many more available for special order.  Comparing the features I found that to my surprise one of the least expensive models had everything I wanted and as an added bonus there was a 10% off special on GE appliances and an additional 5% off or 6 months interest free if I used my Lowes card.  After all the discounts the total came out to $385 plus tax. 

Setup of the new washer was a breeze.  While I would strongly suggest that you get a friend to help with the installation I was able to do it by myself.  The washer is light enough that one person can easily move it but it is so bulky that it is much easier with two people.  Again, I strongly suggest that you get a friend to help with the installation.  To set up the washer you need to remove the shipping rod that locks the drum while the unit is being moved.  This rod is on the lower right corner of the washer and is approximately 2 feet long so if you do not have more than 2 feet of space to the right of your washer when it is installed you will need to remove this rod prior to putting the washer in its final location.  The next step is to connect the hot and cold water hoses to the appropriate inlets (they are marked right above the inlets) and connect the drain hose.  Once you have completed these steps turn on the water and make sure there are no leaks.  If everything is good you are ready to plug the washer in and give it a whirl!

This washer does not have a lot of bells and whistles, just the usual rotary knobs for load size, water temperature, and wash cycle desired.  It takes just a couple of minutes to adjust the settings and you don't need a degree in rocket science to figure it out.  Believe me from a guys point of view this is EXTREMELY desirable!  When it comes to laundry and other household chores I'm a firm believer in the simplier is better philosophy. 

The first time I used this washer I was extremely surprised by just how quiet it was.  My old washer was fairly noisy.  It was very easy to know exactly where in each cycle it was by the noise it made.  The GTWN3000MWS is so quiet it is hard to believe it is actually working.  This washer has a reversing motor instead of using a gearbox like many older and some lower priced new washers use.  This makes for much quieter operation.  Unless you are standing right beside the washer you will most likely never hear it running.  Another pleasant surprise is how smooth it is.  Even when accurately levelled (very important with any washer!) my old washer would shake so bad during the spin cycle that you could feel the vibration throughout the house.  The GTWN3000MWS is so smooth you don't even know it is spinning.  Just for laughs I set a glass of water on top of the washer once and it didn't spill a drop.  VERY impressive! 

This washer is not one of the most efficient washers available, the energy guide rating predicts an average yearly cost of $46 dollars while many competitive models are $25 or less.  I haven't used this washer long enough to offer real world usage results but I have no doubt it will still use substantially less electricity than the old washer it replaced.  One thing to keep in mind when comparing efficiency ratings is that this only takes into account the electricity used.  In the real world there are many factors that contribute to the operating costs such as the type of detergent required.  Many of the most efficient washers require the use of "High Efficiency" detergents which are more expensive than regular detergents.  The GTWN3000MWS works just fine using standard laundry detergent.  This was also a factor in my decision as I am allergic to many of the perfumes in laundry detergents and there are limited choices in perfume free detergents.  I have found one that does a great job of cleaning without causing any allergy problems so I wanted a washer that would allow me to continue to use this product.

Since purchasing this washer I have been impressed many times by how quiet and smooth it operates and how thoroughly it cleans my clothes.  My only complaints are that the plastic trim on the control panel was not popped into place correctly when I got my washer (this was easily fixed with no tools needed but to me indicated a slightly lower level of assembly quality) and the clothes are still fairly wet after the final spin cycle which means they will have to spend a little longer in the dryer.  Both of these I feel like are very minor issues and compared to the many positive qualities I feel they are insignificant.  All in all I have been very pleasantly surprised by this washer and feel like it would be hard to find another that could compete without spending significantly more money.  If this washer lasts anywhere near as long as the one it is replacing it will go on my all time "best buy" list!

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