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Jul 13, 2011
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Pros:Good sound, good looking, sturdy

Cons:Fuzzy noise in background of noise cancelling function, somewhat bulky

The Bottom Line: I really like these headphones, and I do recommend them.

I have had these headphones now for about four months, and I really like them. These headphones produce very high quality sound and are really good looking for the price. These are not the highest quality headphones that you will ever see, but they are very good especially for the price. I bought these headphones for $30 at Radioshack and I find a relatively minor difference between these and much higher quality headphones such as Beats that I have used. The only things that I dislike about these headphones is the noise cancelling function. In the background of the function there is a fuzzy kind of sound. It is especially noticeable in between songs. During the song it is not very noticeable, but is noticeably present. I do not mind this problem very much since I really do not use this function very often. The only other minor problem with these headphones is they are somewhat bulky, and do not fit in a small pocket. I prefer to wear them on my head or around my neck so this also is not much of a problem for me, but might be for others. These are overall good looking, sturdy, and have pretty high sound quality (when not in noise cancelling mode). I highly recommend them to anyone that wants relatively inexpensive headphones that are pretty high quality.

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