Fantastic Washer!!

Jul 15, 2011
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Pros:Clean clothes, huge capacity, quiet, saves water and energy

Cons:I can't think of any.

The Bottom Line:

This LG Wave is a dream!! I recommend it to everyone.

I've owned this washer for 2 months and it's quiet, gets the clothes clean, and offers all the options you need for all types of clothes. The capacity of the stainless steel tub is huge and the spin cycle takes most of the water out of the clothes saving on drying time. The clothes feel damp instead of wet when the wash cycle is finished. The wash times are longer than usual, up to an hour, sometimes even more depending on how many clothes you're washing, but as I mentioned, you save on the time it takes to dry. It seemed like I could never get ahead with the laundry with my old Maytag Atlantis agitator, which turned out to be a piece of junk with all of the repairs needed. This LG washer with the greater capacity is what the doctor ordered considering how much laundry I typically do for 4 people. I never get behind any more.

This HE washers move in different ways than you're used to seeing with an agitator because of the sensors and calculations that are taking place. It's actually pretty cool as are the chimes that sound when the wash cycle is complete. If you add clothes after you start your wash, everything is automatically recalculated in terms of water usage and total wash time. With the glass top, cats are usually mesmerized by the unusual motion, but can also scratch the glass if they still have their claws. Be careful.

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