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Jul 17, 2011
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Pros:High-quality video, lightweight, affordable; it’s a Logitech!  

Cons:None thus far.

The Bottom Line:

I am very pleased with the Logitech C910 Full HD WebcamOnce again Logitech has delivered another solid product with a feature-set that is both simple (affordable), but very useful.

My 16-year-old daughter-who loves to sing and is quite talented in that regard-came to me and started that she would like to become a YouTube star, like so many young budding Grammy Award winning artist have done before her.  Not wanting to be accused of stifling her burgeoning career-she was a hit at her high schools' variety show recently-I decide to help her along and purchase a webcam and microphone.

For this endeavor I didn't want just any old webcam I wanted the best my hard earned money could buy for under $100.00.  So, I did the research, read the reviews, and in the end decided on the Logitech C910 Full HD Webcam ($69.99 at Amazon.com).  Why the Logitech C910 Full HD Webcam?  I think it offers the best combination of price and performance; and it's a Logitech, a name I have trusted in this arena for low these past ten years.   

The 411

Description from Logitech product literature: "Say it bigger. Say it better. High definition video up to 1080p, a wide-angle lens and autofocus for picture quality that's simply amazing. Video chat, blog, stream and upload to Facebook in just one click. The term 'webcam' doesn't quite do it justice. Logitech Fluid Crystal Technology gives you smooth, fluid video. Crystal clear images. Rich colors." 

According to Logitech the C910 Full HD Webcam is "the $1 selling webcam in the world," and it is partially based on this claim to fame that I choose the product.  Another is the Automatic adjustments for brightness, contrast, color saturation, colors, focus and face tracking.  And the fact that the C910 Full HD Webcam is an Internet-ready device with camcorder-quality full HD 1080p quality video output with digital-camera quality still and outstanding audio.     
First Impressions

I am impressed!  The C910 Full HD Webcam is rather large as webcams go, but it is designed to fit securely over the top of a standard LCD flat screen monitor/ display.  I Installed the unit on a Dell 1905 19" flat screen display in a little less than five minutes.  The C910 Full HD Webcam connects to any available USB port or USB hub port connection. 
The included software is fully functional, yet rudimentary; it affords control of the webcam and its various functions while also letting one adjust brightness, contrast, tone, tint, etc.  Recording video can be tricky and it took a good three hours before I became fully comfortable with the software. 

I have been flirting with the idea of acquiring a more full featured suite to control the C910 Full HD Webcam; I have yet to make a decision on which one.  I am open to suggestion!  The unit is rectangular is shape with the lens for the webcam situated in the middle.  When the C910 Full HD Webcam snaps on, two blue semi-circular bands light up on either end of the lens; kind of cool I suppose.  The unit also houses dual microphones, which Logitech claims are HD-quality.      

One of the reasons I chose the C910 Full HD Webcam was the full motion video capability and the webcams ability to follow movement.  The C910 Full HD Webcam score high in my book for both.  For instance blowing curtains were captured without jitter, or distortion and the unit easily followed my body movements.  Also laudable is the wide angle lens that took in a fair amount of the room behind me.    


I am very pleased with the Logitech C910 Full HD WebcamOnce again Logitech has delivered another solid product with a feature-set that is both simple (affordable), but very useful.  Time will tell whether or not my progeny becomes the next YouTube star, but at least she has the webcam able to help her along in that pursuit.     

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