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Jul 19, 2011 (Updated Jun 17, 2012)
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Pros:Inexpensive, lightweight, easy, fits many infant seats, durable

Cons:Limited use, only good for two infants (twins).

The Bottom Line: Buy it!  One of my top recommendations for twins!

Update:  I have really put the stroller to use!  A second set of twins made this a very smart purchase.  I'm happy to say it is still going strong. 

I'm not as careful as I should be sometimes, the ends of the safety straps have been "chewed up" a bit by the wheels when putting it away and the basket has been scuffed a bit.  The wheels show some wear also, but it is in perfect working order and still not too bad cosmetically.

We use our quad stroller a lot, but this is my "go to" stroller when taking the new babies to the doctor or most anywhere without the other children.  I have used this stroller more than most anyone would, so rest assured it should easily get through (at least) one set of twins!

Original Review:
We bought this before our twins were born to make a travel system out of their "Britax Chaperone" car seats.  We thought it was our best option for them as newborns because we planned on buying another stroller later (but one that wouldn't accomodate car seats).

I can't say enough good things about this stroller!  It was truly a lifesaver and allowed us to be out and about with our boys from birth.  No having to wake them up from a nap to put them in a stroller and no having to push an oversized double through crowded aisles.  Stores, doctors offices, and restruants simply are not made to accomodate a larger stroller and I saw other moms struggling with overdone doubles while I happily wheeled around my double snap n' go!

Positive points about the double snap n' go is the ability to adjust it for many different carseats, most strollers that will acommodate two infant seats are brand specific or at most will only accept a few different brands.  The snap n' go covers MOST brands, even the hard to fit ones like our britax seats. 

It's also inexpensive at around 100 dollars new.  There are safety straps to secure the carseats to the frame, and some carseats will "click" onto the frame like they do their bases in the car.  A parent tray will hold a drink and a key, so was nice for short walks that didn't require a diaper bag.  It is very lightweight and folds easily to fit in the cargo area of a vehicle.

Negative points- are the short lived nature of the product, once my twins were about 6 months old the small wheels made it hard to push that much weight.  You must buy infant seats to use with it separately- which I reccomend anyway but if you were planning on using convertible seats it woud be an added expense.  There is a nice sized basket under the stroller but it is hard to access when the seats are in place.  Then obviously the fact that you will have to buy another stroller once your children don't fit in their infant seats anymore.

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